Top 5 Best Automatic Pill Dispenser Alarm Reminder 2018 Review

The Best Automatic Pill Dispenser Alarm Reminder is a personal choice

Top 5 Best Automatic Pill Dispenser Alarm Reminder 2018 Review

MED-Q Best automatic smart pill dispenser alarm reminderSeniors need to pick out the 3 Best Automatic Pill Dispenser Alarm Reminder.  First, an Automatic Pill Dispenser alarm reminder is the best solutions for simple medication management.  Hence, to be used at  Home,  Medical Center as well; as a  Health Care Center. Second,  an  automatic pill dispenser is made for good health and well being. Furthermore,  elderly men and women as well as those patients with a chronic illness need more than a pill organizer.

Med-Q Medication Management System has created a list containing  6 Top Automatic Pill Dispenser alarm reminders for 2018.. The list has a  detailed description of the features.  In addition, the pill reminders Pros and Cons. To sum up,  your personal requirements will dictate the pill reminder that is chosen.

Best Automatic Pill Dispenser Alarm Reminder 2018 Review

automatic pill dispenser with locks
America's best automatic pill dispenser with alarm and timer

Med-Q Medication Compliance System

The Med-Q is a 7 or 14 Day Automatic Pill Dispenser reminder.  This pill reminder is perfect for early and Middle Alzheimer's.  Individuals with hearing Loss are able to use the LED LITE-BOX technology to guide them to their pills and medications,  When compared to other tablet dispensers, the Med-Q requires the user to take the pills in the flashing box.  Hence, no decisions means no mistakes.  Caregivers rate the Smart pill alarm reminder as one of the best. In short, we found it to virtually eliminate forgetting and  overdoses.


Flashing LITE-Box Guides
Large capacity of each [pill box (23 325 mg aspirins)

Alarms repeat every 30 minutes until medication is taken
Alarms get louder and louder
Simple to use
Greta for Senior's Caregivers  and Alzheimer’s Patients


The Med-Q Pill Dispenser alarm reminder does not lock

Medlert 28 Day Automatic Pill Dispenser alarm Reminder

Top 5 Best Automatic Pill Dispenser Alarm ReminderOf course, the Day Automatic Pill Dispenser reminder is features rich.  Hence, one of the best pill reminders.  In fact, it was preferred by the significant number of seniors. First,  It comes with 28 different compartments.  Second, each of the pie shaped compartments can hold around 18 aspirin sized tablets.  However, the user must be careful when putting in large tablets. 

The unit can be used by those suffering with  Mental Illness as well as Vision Loss.  For example, good for people with a  complex medication regimens.. The device  has a tamper proof locking system. That will help you to reduce overdoses form forgetting the day of the week.  Lighting: Along with alarm sound, it also has lighting notifications.  Sounding: At the time of the medical dispensing, the alarm will sound. Finally,  will keep reminding you for 30 minutes.  Furthermore, it is powered with 4 AA  batteries 


Automatic Medication Alert
Huge Capacity Compartments
Display Shuts after 10 Min. of Inactivity
Loud Alarm Notifications
Light Notifications


Alarm stops after 30 minutes
Compartments are thinner at the top causing loading errors
Small LCD screens
Small Light Notification that is not easy to seeTop 5 Best Automatic Pill Dispenser Alarm Reminder 2018 Review

Automatic Pill Dispenser with Lock.

The Automatic Pill Dispenser with Lock is locking automatic pill dispenser  alarm reminder. Itis used in homes as well as  health care facilities.  First, designed to have a huge capacity for storing prescription medications and supplements. The device comes along with Pill Box, Tipper.  The goal, an easy method of dose Verification, Clear Medication Tray, Medicine Dispensing Cups, etc. accessories come with the medication reminder.

The unit can be set for up to  six daily alarms. Again,  helps prevent double  and triple dosing. The Automatic Pill Dispenser with Lock  is a locked pillbox.  In short,  elderly men and women. Not to mention, the reminder will help keep them independent.  Finally, used in homes as well as institutions.  Additionally, the Automatic Pill Dispenser with Lock  can hold up to 18 pills in each of the  pill compartment.


6 Months Battery Life
Suitable for Home and Institutional Usage
Easy Usage
Dispenses Pills into Cup


Looks Different then what seniors are accustom to
Small visual Reminderble for Home and Institutional Usage
A thirty minute window to take pills
Hard on frail hands.

Automatic Pill Dispenser Alarm Reminder

MedReady 1700 Medication Dispenser

The MedReady 1700 Medication Dispenser has a lid that locks. The goal,  prevent any tampering of the meds. The dispenser has 28 total pill compartments.  First, they will hold about 8-9 pills in each.  The Med Dispenser Medication Dispenser is made in the USA.   First of all,  the alarm is an  85-decibel intensity for senior hearing issues.  Second,  the LED Display shows time and alarm features.  In the event that the users forget to take the meds, the alarm will continuously beep with the specified delay.  The unit can be locked, unlike some of the pill dispensers come with simple latch or tab.


Tamper Proof Locking Lid
Rotating Tray
Spacious Compartments
Alarm for Reminding Missed Dosages


Cost is prohibitive
Small pill capacity
Shape of individual containers lead to loading errors
Some difficulty in programming
Not good for seniors with Hearing Impairment

Alarm for Reminding Missed Doses

Top 5 Best Automatic Pill Dispenser Alarm Reminder 2018 ReviewMedSmart Automatic Locked Automatic Pill Dispenser for Home or Institutional Use

This Automatic Pill Dispenser is for keeping  meds safe.  Hence, locking means  there is no way careless patients can  double dose.  The  Automatic Pill Dispenser is useful  for Alzheimer’s  and Dementia patients.  The unit will Dispenses up to 6 times per day.  it is a simple pill reminder and seniors use it efficiently.   The Automatic Locked Automatic Pill Dispenser comes with two keys included in the package for keeping it as lockable and a safe pill dispenser.   The device notifies the user through sounds as well as lights notifications. Not to mention, it runs on AC Adapter.  However,  it comes with backup batteries.


Large Dashboard
AC Adapter instead of batteries
Alarm and Sound Reminders
Long sounding Audio Alarm
Optional Early Dosage choice
Lockable Pill Dispenser alarm reminder


Patient Compliance Dashboard
Must be plugged in
Small Visual Reminder
Long Duration of Alarm Sound may not be loud enough for many seniors hearings Early Dosage choice can mix up seniors

The best Locked Automatic Pill Dispenser alarm reminder allows you to keep  patient compliance.

In brief,  the above models come from numerous manufacturers offering various types of features.   To illustrate, security through locked pill dispensers or Flashing LITE-BOX Guides is based on the individuals need.  In a word,  talk  to your Health Care Professional about your personal requirements for medications’ dosage.  On the whole,  ask your caregiver to help  choose the most suitable as well as convenient automatic pill disp with lock or pill dispenser reminder alarm.  In conclusion, medication will not work if not taken as directed.

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To sum up,  MED-Q smart programmable medication reminder with alarm and timer  is one of the Top 5 Best Automatic Pill Dispenser Alarm Reminder 2018 Review.  In conclusion, Med-Q Medication Management System  has free Shipping 


Best Automatic Pill Dispenser Alarm Reminder

America's Best Automatic Pill Dispenser Alarm Reminder

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