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How to Avoid Assisted Living

 How to Avoid Assisted Living

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Some pointers to  Avoid Assisted Living

How to Avoid Assisted Living is no easy goal.  First, keep loved ones at home for as long as possible.  Second, make the home user friendly.  Finally, use modern aids electronic pill dispenser with alarm and timer.  Working with you loved on and family members can keep them independent for as long as possible

Work through the new concerns together

Fact, loved ones will go through a period of adjustment after moving into an assisted living facility.  Again, , don’t automatically assume that this has to happen sooner then later.  If your loved one is having issues, take them very seriously. Talk about what steps you can take together to resolve the issue. For example, an electronic pill dispenser with alarm and timer to solve the medication non compliance issue.  It has been said, a full 25% of all assisted living admits are medication error related.  An electronic pill dispenser with alarm and timer or any type of pill reminder will keep loved ones out of assisted living.   Finally, Be prepared to look at other modern day aids and a possible live in caregiver.

Make the Home easier to Navigate

Help your loved one best organize  their homes. Help your loved one choose the most meaningful possessions for display.  Again, make certain  that will give them any new living challenges.  However, still make sure it feels like home. But be careful not to take over. Let your loved one take the lead. He or she is going to be the one living there, after all.

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Suggestions for Family as well as Friends

Things to DO:
  • First, If requested, help with the cleaning and meals.
  • Second, listen as your loved one concerns and take them seriously.
  • Third, always be helpful even if it is hard and you disagree with their thought or actions
  • Recognize that moving into assisted living is a senior’s biggest fear
  • Call and visit often
  • Finally, always try to be positive. A s simple little  or some extra  patience ought to be offered up.
  • Get them a smart pill reminder or pill box

Things NOT to Do:

  • Make all the decisions for them   Do not take over.  
  • Focus only on yourselves. Focus on your loved one
  • Criticize their decisions
  • Make light of their personal situation
  • Make promises that you cannot keep.
  • Be negative.

Source: National Center for Assisted Living

Paying for an assisted living facility

What happen to loved ones finances in assisted living?  First, the cost a big factor.  Second,  most of the costs is out of pocket. How do assisted living facilities work?  Some  are owned and operated for profile.  Furthermore, others are non-profit organizations.  The costs vary widely.  For example, the low end is  $900 to $5,000 a month or higher.  The biggest factor, where you live. This is a big expenditure.  Be sure to take your time to develop a budget and prioritize your needs.  To sum up, this planing does really pay pill dispenser testimonials

There may be  health insurance or governmental programs cover some or all of the costs.  If you have purchased private long term-care insurance, check the provisions of your plan to find out how much assisted living is covered.

  • – Paying for long-term care.  This includes insurance, personal income and savings, life insurance, annuities 
  • (U.S. Department of Health & Human Services) Long-Term Care –  National Institutes of Health on paying for long-term care. information regrading Medicare and Medicaid.
  • (NIH SeniorHealth)Long-Term Senior Care Costs: Medicare & Medicaid –  programs from Medicare, Medicaid and the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs 

Some of the pointers to  Avoid Assisted Living

Some of the pointers Avoid Assisted Living are useful.  First, keeping, keep loved ones at home for as long as possible is good for them and their fiances.  Smart planning can save 10’s of thousands of dollars.  The use  of modern aids like  an electronic pill dispenser with alarm and timer or pill reminder to manage medication is 25% of the problem.  Working with you loved on and family members can keep them independent as financial secure for as long as possibleelectronic pill dispenser with alarm and timer
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