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Mom Forgetting Pills is a Part of AIMM’s

Mom Forgetting Pills and Skipping Or Double-Dosing

mom forgetting pills

 Mom forgetting pills is getting put of control

Mom needs help to take her medications on her ownHave a prompting system. It can be simple a phone call from you, another family member. The plans needs to be set-up properly.  If more that one person sets up the planner. After that everyone needs to agree on what each label means and when it is to be given.  Remember, pills need to be reordered in time to completely set up each planner.

Seniors suffer from AIMM’s (Age Induced Medication Mistakes)

Age Induced Medication Mistakes is part of the aging process.  Mom forgetting pills or Dad forgetting medication is a typical problem among elders.  The importance of making sure pills are taken properly can not be underestimated.  First consider using a smart pill box or smart pill dispenser.

 There are various medication reminders to assist in the timing of doses. Some planners are simple 4 weeks of the 7 days with each day divided into 1, 2, 3, or 4 slots. Pills are put into each of the small pillbox compartments.

 Some of the down sides of a DUMB Pillbox are:

To sum up, mom forgetting pills or medications can be solved with the best pill reminder or programmable medication organizer for her particular needs.


mom forgetting pills

 Pill Box with Alarm

Electronic Pill Reminder

Electronic Pill Reminder

Automatic Pill Reminder with Alarms