March 27, 2016

Medication Alarm Clock changes the way Seniors take Pills

Medication Alarm Clock changes the way Seniors take Pills

Why do you need a Medication Alarm Clock?

Medication Alarm ClockWhereas f you forget to take prescription and over the counter medication, you are not alone.   It’s a fact; everyone forgets to take their pills and needs a Medication Alarm Clock.    The problem gets worse as we age.   Whereas Seniors list of medications prescribed  grows and the number of times per day we forget increases.

 Forgetting medication or taking the wrong dose can threaten both health and quality of life.

However not using a Medication Alarm Clock leads to mom forgetting pills, Dad forgetting medication and forgetting depression medication.  In fact this is what the medical community calls, “non-adherence.”.    Consequently, effects are truly shocking..  For example over 125,000 death per year.  

MED-Q Medication reminder can solve Growing Problem

medication reminder
Med-Q medication reminder

The need for Pillboxes is huge.   The National Council on Patient Information and Education says
that 90% of Medicare recipients adherence.  Two out of five seniors take more than 5 prescription a day.  According to the New England Journal of Medicine, costs associated with this non-adherence is over $100 billion..  The FDA  reports more than two million serious s drug errors each yea.  These adverse drug reactions are the  cause of  about 100,000 deaths per year.

Medications must still be sorted and then scheduled collectively. Today there are a number of medication reminder systems available for purchase.  MED-Q Medication Alarm Clock with triple alarms is a good standard when reviewing all the pill reminder products.

Medication reminder technologies have three categories:

medication reminder
Pill Box

Electronic Medication Alarm Clock.   Seniors who can use an electronic programmable pill reminder.   A good pill box will be programmable and have alarms or alerts to remind the user.  A Pill dispenser that keeps repeating it’s alarms until medication is taken is preferred by most seniors.

Reminders integrated as part of home monitoring or safety devices

In fact Seniors and caregivers need to be aware of the all the medication reminder options available. AARP’s  Home survey of 1,023 caregivers and 904 seniors age 65 and older examined respondents’ understanding of electronic pill boxes. The study shows lack of knowledge.  Furthermore Twenty-one percent of caregivers were familiar with electronic pill boxes.  In comparison to 13% of the seniors surveyed.  However 40% of seniors were willing to use an electronic pill box .  This being said 61% of caregivers were also willing to try it.

Telephone based medication reminder.

Pill BoxTelephone calling services require no special phone or equipment.  Cost are low, some as low as $14.95 per month. If a person doesn’t answer the phone or acknowledge the medication reminder, the system notifies a designated contact.  The problem is that acknowledging doesn’t mean the medication will be taken out of the bottles or the Pill box.

How do you know which medication reminder is best?

Thinking about a medication alarm clock or electronic reminder.  Choose the pill box that best suits your needs.  The pill reminder should have different types of ways of reminding you.  Flashing and beeping pillboxes have worked the best. This means no more mom forgetting pills or dad forgetting medication

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