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MED-Q medication compliance system, the smart Pill box

Med-Q Medication Compliance System is the Smart Pill Box

$280 Billion Dollar Cost of Medication Noncompliance

What can be done about this huge waste of Monet and resources? The newest information gas focused on the cheapest fixes that will greatly lower health-care waste. In fact in the year 2014, the US wasted over 280 Billion Dollars health care. A lot of the waste originates in administrative costs as well as the ordering of unnecessary medical procedures. One of the least expensive fixes can be accomplished by simply taking your medications as prescribed.Hence the Med-Q medication Compliance system is the Smart Pill Box

 Now Med-Q electronic pill box with timer & alarm Pill Box solves Medication Errors

​Med-Q Medication Compliance System is the MODERN SOLUTION TO FORGETTING AND MIS-DOSING

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The Shocking Truth on Medication Errors

Shockingly, a major source of waste will be exposed well after you have been to your health care professional.  According to a study made public in the Annuals for Internal Medicine. Americans are not taking their prescriptions medications for lots of of reasons. This being said, it cost anywhere between $100 billion to $280 billion each and every year.

If you give doctors or pharmacists access to data, they could indeed find if the person has problems with taking their pills. If so it is easier to take steps to improve compliance.MED-Q is the Best pill dispenser for Home Use

Make Pills Less Expensive

Lowering the costs of copays as well as increasing drug coverage led to a 14 percent decrease in the rate of heart-disease. These patients having a stroke or heart attack risk drops significantly with roper medicine .According to the meta-study. Even if they have medications in their cabinets, patients may be less likely to take them on schedule for fear of being unable to afford refills later. Lower costs means more refill of prescriptions. Health versus their budgets.

In conclusion, going from smart pill box with alarms or a data base that all healthcare professionals will use, the problem has to be addresses. The cost of medication non-compliance is only going to grow. As was reported by Med-Q Medication Compliance System , “it’s the right thing to do.”

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But another major source of waste doesn’t show up until well after your visit to your health care professional. According to a newly released study for the Annals of Internal Medicine, There are many reason people don’t comply with their pills and supplements. Senior’s are especially effected because they suffer from AIMM’s. The cost to the health care system anywhere between $100 billion to $280 billion annually.

Between 20 to 30% of cases prescriptions for medication are never filled.

Shockingly, well over Fifty Percent of medications aren’t taken as prescribed. Medication noncompliance is a major problem for patients as well as their doctors. A typical example, someone with high blood pressure and they don’t take their diuretics as prescribed. Not taking one’s prescriptions as directed causes more than 120,000 premature deaths each yea. In addition to that , over 8% of all hospitalizations.

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As we’re getting a better grasp on how individual behaviors affect the health-care system at large, we’re trying to find ways to improve medication adherence. Among the recommendations in the analysis:

Switch to better packaging as well as using a modern smart pill box or pill organizer has shown a huge increase in the levels of medication compliance. New Pill boxes have alarms and flashing guides. These are very inexpensive as well as a quick fix.

Case management with and coordinated care

med-q medication compliance system

At the systemic level, appointing health care professionals to help to oversee the individual patient’s home care has increased medication adherence. In addition, Telephone calls, mass mailings, as well as video conferencing has shown to make a difference in adherence to high-cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart failure and heart attack patients.

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