Impact of Medication Errors on Patients

MED-Q Weekly Pill Box with Alarms for Grandma forgetting

MED-Q Weekly Pill Box with Alarms for Grandma forgetting Pills

grandma forgetting pills
Prevent grandma forgetting pills

Grandma Forgetting pills solved with an Electronic Weekly pill box with alarms.

Is Grandma Forgetting pills a real problem/.  The answer is  a simple YES!.  John Hopkins has just released a study showing, Medication errors is the number 3 cause of death behind Cancer and Heart Disease.  With the Med-Q Weekly Pill Box with Alarms you don’ have to worry about Grandma forgetting pills any more.  

Why does your Grandma forgetting pills.   There are many reasons, but the #1 is simply forgetting.  The Med-Q smart pill box has been designed to address the Grandma forgetting pills problem.  Triple audio/visual alarms means no more forgetting or overdosing on your pills.

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Weekly Pill Box with Alarms
MED-Q Weekly Pill Box with Alarms
How to Keep Seniors from Forgetting Pills

There are many types of pill reminders.  They range in price from in the 20’s to several thousands of dollars.  The right choice of smart pill dispenser is based on the needs of the one using it.  A smart pill box with flashing and beeping alarms is a basic pill box that will meet the needs of most seniors.  The more expensive pill dispensers are designed for seniors who have to take an extremely complicated medication regime.  This could include 7 to 10 different pills a day at 10 different times.

Weekly Pill Box with AlarmsGrandma forgetting Pills Success Story

(June 24, 2016, Boulder, CO).  Carrie was in over her head with Grandma forgetting pills.  Mom forgetting pills and Dad forgetting medication was bad enough. However,  Grandma’s was over whelming.  Carries troubles with Grandma have become life threatening.  Her Grandma ended up in the ER in Dec from a home over dosing.  If she has been using the Med=Q smart pill box, this would not have

Grandma found the Med-Q Smart pill box

MED-Q Weekly Pill Box with Alarms
Med-q is America’s Best Weekly Pill Box with Alarms

We started using the MED-Q pill dispenser in January.  She has not missed a pill in almost 7 months.  It has become easier for Grandma to remember to take her pills than to forget.  The flashing light guides her tot he exact dose at the exact time.  My favorite feature is that the 5 minute alarm will repeat every thirty minutes until she takes her pills.  this is a great device to keep grandma safe.  I also have the problem with Mom forgetting pills and Dad forgetting his medication.  I have them using the smart pill box also.  No mistakes for all three!

smart pill box
America’s #1 smart pill box

MedQ prevents Mom forgetting pills and Dad forgetting medication problems.


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