weekly pill box with alarm

MED-Q Weekly Pill Box with alarms for Avoiding insulin mistakes

MED-Q Weekly Pill Box with alarms for Avoiding insulin mistakes

weekly pill box with alarm
MED-Q weekly pill box with alarm

Did you know that over 5.9 6 million Americans with diabetes use insulin.

Modern medication has saved or extended the lives of many more millions of men and women.  Whereas, it was discovered in 1922 and started saving lives immediately.  The most up to date insulin’s have a greater degree of flexibility.  For example, a weekly pill box with alarm holding oral medication.  These oral and injected medications offer more control.

Insulin is a peptide hormone produced by beta cells of the pancreatic islets.  It has bee considered to be the main anabolic hormone. It regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.  Done by promoting the absorption of glucose  (sugar)from the blood.

  In fact,  greater than that of any other blood sugar lowering prescription medication. Yet there are some substantial risks associated with insulin use and some errors that need to be carefully avoided.

weekly pill box with alarm
weekly pill box with alarm

Men and Women who take insulin

Men and Women who take insulin often will take several kinds.  In fact, many use more than one type.  An example, a long-acting insulin or a quick acting oral medication.  To sum up, it’s possible to confuse the 2 different kinds of insulin.  Consequently,  taking the wrong type at the incorrect time. MED-Q weekly Pill Box with Alarms and timer offer this advice to prevent such a mix-up:

  • Have two places for your prescriptions.  For example, have rapid-acting and long-acting insulin’s stored in different locals.  Be 100% consistent in having 2 or more different locations.
  • Mark your vials or pill boxes in a manner that makes it clear which medication is which.
  • First of all, know if the insulins is cloudy or clear. However, this may not be case for everyone.  Moreover, for some individuals it may be true.
  • Second of all, know if the vials or pens are the same or in different types shapes as well as sizes.
  • A simple trick.  Always use your a pen for one type of insulin.  In fact, use a syringes for the other kind.

Sponsored by MED-Q Weekly Pill Box with Alarmsweekly pill box with alarm

  • There are people who have learned to fix mealtime doses of rapid-acting insulin based on sugar levels before the meal.  For example, adjusting the amount of grams or servings of carbohydrate in your food.  Furthermore,  for regular blood sugar, one ought to take into account on any after meal planned exercise. First of all, this will make certain you are adjusting your doses properly.  In addition, people ought to do  level monitoring. To sum First, you need to have  a sick-day plan .  Second, the plan should have been discussed with your doctor and diabetes educator. Finally, It needs to show and  specify how to control your blood glucose control.
  • Read all of the information that comes attached to your insulin.  In addition, make certain you are storing it properly.  Again, be aware of the number of days an opened vial or pen remains useful.  After that date, throw it out.smart pill dispenser

MED-Q Weekly Pill Box with alarms to the rescue

We are living in the golden age of medications.  Illnesses like diabetes use to be a death sentence.  Now with a pen with insulin or a MED-Q Weekly Pill Box with alarms filled with oral medication, life goes on.  pill box with alarms

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