Smart Pill Box with Alarms for Caregivers

MED-Q weekly pill box with alarm


Best Weekly Pill Box with alarms for Caregivers



MED-Q Weekly Pill Box with Alarms

weekly pill box with alarm Best Pill Organizer for Caregivers

In fact, remembering to take your Pills right is Hard to do.  The question to ask yourself, “Do I need a Weekly Pill Box with Alarms?”  Not to mention, the elderly need a  Pill Box  that has built-in prompter?  Additionally, if you take the prescription medications wrong, you will have problems.  To say nothing of loss of an Independent Life Style is the results. 

Prescription errors can even be lethal.  

We survive in on a active world.  There are lots of interruptions that  make you fail to remember to take your pills.   You cannot make blunders with your pills!   The Wall Street Journal has dubbed this “America’s other drug crisis”, forgetting and overdosing.   The  annual price to the US Healthcare System is over 250 Billions  dollars. Considered this,  Ten Percent of  all  hospital visits is  the effect by Pill blunders.

Who is the Typical Caregiver?

smart pill box with alarms

The Typical Care giver is providing help, aid and support for her “widowed 67-year old mother-in-law”.  The care Giver goes to their patient to visit in their home. To make is more tricky,  Forty Percent  have kids or grand kids under 21 living with them.   Forgot to give Dad his pill shouldn’t be a revelation.  Hence the need for the Med-Q Pill Organizer.

weekly pill box with alarm


Sponsored By Med-Q Smart Pill Box with Alarms

weekly pill box with alarm
Med-Q weekly pill box with alarm



The Right Pills at the Right Times

Med-Q is the Best Pill Organizer for caregivers.  The Pill Box lessens the physically and emotionally challenge of their situation.  Care givers who have Burnout can’t carry out their responsibilities.  The concern also impacts your own physical condition..  You ought to use aid and support of Family Member and other resources.   Med-Q is the Best Pill Box because it uses LITE-BOXES and  audio and visual reminder and alerts.

Med-Q is the best Pill Organizer box Seniors

Med-Q Smart Pill box is used for tablets a once or twice a day.    The Med-Q  Smart Pill Reminder has 14 separate pill box compartments.  Each pill box can store up to 23 full size aspirins (325 mg). The separated sections have over sized finger- tip extensions for the most fragile hands.

cute pill box with alarm

The Pill Organizer Saves Money

The Best Pill Organizer is an investment in Quality Of Life.  Retails at 69.95, see how it is almost free. Assisted living is extremely expensive.  The Best Pill Reminder can save you Ten’s if not Hundred’s of 1000’s.  

The Best PillBox will Save Money

The Best Pill Box is the best investment.  With a cost of less than $60, you can see how much money it can save you loved ones. Assisted living is very costly.    The Best Pillbox can save you 10’s if not 100’s of thousands of dollars.  

The Best Pill Organizer provides Valuable Information and Tips on Our BLOG.     Please share YOUR Med-Q  pill reminder Experiences with others.



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