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Over 5 million people in the US suffering from Alzheimer’s.

it is best to be prepared for the possibility of it happening to you or a loved one.  

weekly pill box with alarm As of today, there is no cure for Alzheimer’s or dementia.  This being said, there are medications that have shown promise in slowing down the progression.  To sum up ensure proper dosing with a weekly pill box alarm is a must

  • First, One in 10 people over the age  of has a degree of Alzheimer’s dementia.
  • Second, Almost 65% of Alzheimer’s suffers are women.
  • Third, African-Americans are about 100% more likely to have Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia
  • Finally, Hispanics are 130% more likely to have Alzheimer’s as older whites.

 As with all illness and medicines, the early treatment can start, the better.  Here are 4 Changes to look for that may signify the onset of Alzheimer’s.

Early Signs of Alzheimer’s is being very defensive

weekly pill box with alarm
Alzheimer’s weekly pill box alarm

A typical example of what to avoid.  People with cognitive decline should not buy a gun .  This applies even of they have  previously owned one.   Dementia may make individuals very suspicious of those around them.  This may including family  members.   They have lost the ability to tell  who’s trying to help and who’s trying to hurt them.  Having a gun in the house is an accident waiting to happen.  If they just bought a gun for the first time is a big red flag.  It could be the first sign that they ought not to  be living alone.

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weekly pill box with alarm

What is the best way to start the conversation?

weekly pill box with alarmIf you bring up  moving your parent into a nursing home or assisted living facility, you must have a goal in mind.  Start by delicately by asking your parent how they’re feeling and if things are becoming harder for them.  Ask if  they have seen behavioral changes.  Alzheimer’s and dementia suffers usually are unaware that something is wrong, so it’s critical to take it slow and easy. 

Be certain to take in to account for their perspective of the situation.  

Take the time to get educated about the three most common forms of dementia, so you can attempt to understand what your parent is going through.  Taking a proactive stance can keep loved ones at home longer.    Simple adjustments , like using a Weekly pill box alarm for Early Signs of Alzheimer’s.  This being said, when the time is right, you will have to make the best move for you and your parents.

Life Expectancy in the US has Dropped

Life Expectancy has moved in the wrong direction.  For the first time in more than two decades, life expectancy for Americans declined last year.   This is truly a troubling new development.   The rates are impacted by the  worsening health problems in the US such as Diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Hypertension.

Heart attacks, strokes, stress, drug overdoses,medical mistakes as well as many other factors on expectancy, that has been shown in the new study released  by the National Center for Health Statistics.   The shocking discovery,  death rates went up in 8 of the top 10 leading causes of death in the Country.

Princeton economist Anne Case says we should be very worried.  

She has been a proponent for more thorough research on the rise in fatalities from coronary heart disease.  The stats show this theo be the top killer in the United States.  She tells of how medication errors has become the #3 leading cause of preventable deaths.

Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan found increases across the board.  

Over the past half decade, improvements in death rates were the lowest in the past 40 Years. Overall, life expectancy dropped by .10 of a year, from 78.8 in 2014 to 78.7 in the year 2015.  The last time U.S. life expectancy at declined was in 23 years ago in 1993.  in 1993 , dropped from 75.5 to 75.3, according to World Bank data.

The actual death rate increased by 1.2 % in the year 2015.  

This was the first rise since 1999. More than 2,700,000 individuals died.  Almost half died from heart disease or cancer.  These two are the #1 and #2 killers.  The third leading cost of death is preventable medication errors.  A smart pill box is very effective in solving the home medication mistake problem.

Data single year  could reverse next year, they said.  Jiaquan Xu, an epidemiologist and the  head of the study, said,  “So many leading causes of death increased.”  The report did  show a drop in death rates from cancer.  The guess is because less men and women are smoking these days.   Diseases are also being detected earlier so they are more treatable.

Senior life expectancy
Senior life expectancy

The biggest increase was for Alzheimer’s disease related deaths.  

They went from 25.45 to 29.65 deaths per 100 Thousand Individuals.   However, many of the experts say that greater reporting of the disease as a cause of death.  Again,  not from a large increase in numbers of people who passed.

However, rates increased Caucasian Males and Females.

Furthermore, rates rose for African American Males.  However stayed about the same for African American Females.  In addition the rates stayed level for Hispanic Men ans well as women.   Sara Conner Baltimore, Michigan wonders if some of the  different factors  in  Hispanics is masking a downward trend.  In addition, reports show, males expect to live 77.1 years at birth in 2013, reduced from 76.9 in 2011. Moreover, females are statistically expected to live to 82.9 years, lower  than 83.3 from 2011.

By the same token, These trends can change with technology.  For example, Med-Q pill reminder with alarm is the Best Pill Box choice.  By the same token, Smart medication Boxes cutting edge design is simple and affordable.  To sum up, relying on  an  OLD FASHION pill holder or out of date medication box?

The fact that life expectancy at age 65 did not fall is good news.  Likewise, indications that the diseases behind the lower life expectancy will the happen in younger ages.  This applies to middle age as well.  At 66, males can expect to survive another 18 more years.  Similarly, females survive  20.85 more year.  In the same way, infant mortality increased just slightly.  However, with infants the difference was not considered statistically significant.

life expectancy
best automatic pill dispenser

Heart disease: 645,000 deaths in 2016.  This has grown from the 616 thousand in 2015. In addition, Cancers was fatal for just over 610,000 in 2015.  Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  says “Numbers are skewed based on the rise in obesity which causes an increase in coronary disease”.

Accidental deaths went up to 147,122 2016.  This being said, there was no change from 2015.  The overdoses from prescription narcotics and heroin  has skyrocketed.

Shockingly, suicides is now the 10th-leading cause of death,  44,211 in 2011 and then 43,482 in 2015.

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