March 15, 2016

Mom forgetting Pills for Diabetes


Mom Forgetting pills for Type 2 Diabetes is bad


You Need a smart pill clock  for Mom Forgetting pills.

smart pill box  A medication timer can be set so you don’t forget to take your diabetes medication.  No mo re mom forgetting pills or Dad forgetting medication.  Type 2 Diabetes is when you have low blood sugar.  Low blood sugar can happen in mom forgetting pills that increase insulin levels in the body.

Forgetting pills is why the pill arm is need.  t will help remind you to take Pills and eat. Blood sugar is also known as glucose.  A Smart Pill box with alarm will help mom forgetting pills from happening.  Without enough glucose, your body cannot perform. Your blood sugar is considered low when it drops below 70 mg.  Get immediate treatment for low blood sugar.  Remember, Mom forgetting Pills for her Diabetes is no small matter.



Why the Smart Pill box for diet? 

If you are feeling any of the symptoms you must act quick. Eat something with sugar quick to help get stable.  Talk to your health care provider about how to treat type 2 diabetes  Make sure that your family know how to recognize and treat your low blood sugar.  Read more at MED-Q Smart Pill Box or


 Type 2 diabetics  do produce insulin in their bodies.   The problem, the insulin is not being used right.  Oral medications try to help the body use its insulin.  It is important to note that Oral Diabetes medication works only for type 2 diabetes.

Mom forgetting Pills

Mom forgetting pills for her Type 2 Diabetics is because she does not use insulin normally.

  Oral medications do not always work for everyone.  Typically type 2 diabetes takes a combination of oral medications and inject able insulin for best results. This works best to control blood sugar.  Some  Diabetics lack working pancreatic beta cells that produce insulin.  In these cases, oral medications doesn’t work and insulin therapy should be used.

Low blood sugar is called or hypoglycemia    In  some people, the blood sugar may get so low that they may “pass out” or collapse.  When this happens, the people need a quick sugar fix.  A glass of orange juice or a piece of hard candy would work.

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