The Best Electronic Pill Reminder for Alzheimer’s

MED-Q pill box with alarms for Alzheimer’s Treatment cognition enhancing medications

MED-Q pill box with alarms for Alzheimer's Treatment cognition enhancing medications

There is no cure, but medications and management strategies may show some temporarily improve the different symptoms.

There is hope on the horizon for Alzheimer’s sufferers.   A MED-Q pill box with alarms can hold the new treatments have been proven to be “some what” effective. First, there are substantial differences between cognitive and behavioral drug therapies.  However, they both use the same kind of approach. Brain cell connections and the cells themselves degenerate and die.  The result, destroying memory as well as other critical mental functions.  To sum up, experiencing Memory loss as well as extreme confusion are the main two symptoms.

First of all, For Medication to work it must be taken “EXACTLY” as prescribed by your health care professional.  Seniors have a condition called AIMM’s (Age Induced Medication Misstates).  This is a normal part of aging.  This condition requires the use of a smart pill box.  In conclusion, these medical reminders become more and more important as the Alzheimer;s memory degeneration occurs.

No cure exists, but Med-Q pill box with alarms and management strategies may temporarily improve symptoms.

It is important to use a pillbox. These devices will help in taking pills  The MED-Q  Pill Box with alarms has three different reminders .  This pill organizer will lead to better medical outcomes.  Most Alzheimer’s and dementia sufferers  is taking more than two pills a day.

Aerobic activity for 25-35 minutes is helpful.  Try to do this at least 4 days a week,  This type of light exercise can improve cardiovascular health.

What are your Chances of developing Alzheimer's or dementia?

First of all, our Department of Health and Human Services and AARP, says that there is  a 50 percent  likelihood that  Alzheimer’s  sufferers are consuming 5-6  prescription medications a day.  Furthermore, many are taking even more. The more medications and supplement that are taken,  the chances of mistakes grow.

  • Med-Q Pill Box with alarms is available of Hospital and Assisted Living facilities sales.  Private branding of the Smart pillbox  with alarms and timer is available. Med-Q Medication box helps Elderly Men and Women have the Quality of Life they Deserve in their Golden years.

    MED-Q Pill Box with alarms
    MED-Q pill box with alarms for Alzheimer's Treatment cognition enhancing medications

MED-Q pill box with alarms for Alzheimer's Treatment cognition enhancing medications

People are able to Rent a Alzheimer's Pill Box with alarms system 

Alzheimer's suffers are abkle to rent Medication dispensing machine.  First, the cost is approx $100-125 every month.  This does not include the setup fee, as this is extra.  Second, This automatic medication dispensing system is placed on top of  counter top  or bathroom sink. Third, the pill dispenser machine will then drop a cup filled with the medication. You program the times for the pill drop.  A tiny light and  a friendly voice reminds the user. 

If no one moves the medications in 90 minutes a family caregiver called on the phone automatically.  Drawbacks, if the Alzheimer's or dementia suffer is still  active  so if they leave home, and is gone for more than a few hours, the dispensing system is not a good option. The Pill Organizer with alarm Needs to be  filled every 40 days.  Med-Q Pill Box with alarms can offer a similar solution

Sponsored By Med-Q Medication Box with Triple Alarms

Alzheimer's Medication box with alarms
Electronic Medication box for Alzheimer's

Alzheimer’s disease is a slow, progressive.

Alzheimer’s disease is a slow, progressive, ultimately fatal, brain illness that affects over 10% of people over the age of 65.    It starts with forgetting and advances steadily over an average period of 8-10 years. Those who have it eventually need daily assistance to function and cannot live alone.  The disease is eventually fatal.

There is not current cure It can be difficult when taking multiple medications to remember them on a daily basis, so caregivers can take measure to make sure the medication is taken at the correct time in the correct dosage.  By our caregivers assisting elderly persons and their families whether they are at an assisted living facility or home everyone can feel more relaxed because we are there to help.

med-q pill box with alarms
med-q pill box with alarms
MED-Q pill box with alarms for Alzheimer's Treatment
MED-Q pill box with alarms for Alzheimer's Treatment
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