MED-Q Tips For Senior’s Boat Safety


Tips For Keeping Safe, As You Age


Top Ten Tips For Keeping Safe Aboard As You Get Older.

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Tips For Senior’s Boat Safety

Boating for Senior’s recognizes conditions, such as forgetfulness as well as vision impairment as well as hearing impaired.  Seniors may experience slower reaction times and so on,.  Boaters should be aware of the condition and take the appropriate precautions.  Top tip for Senior’s boating safety,  always have a cell phone


Senio;s Boat safety

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Use notes and personal checklists.  Items such as —  shutting the boat down, for starting her up.  Keep a list of all important procedures aboard. 

Be sure to have a small whiteboard with an attached marker.  Many seniors will mount it near the helm.  It is helpful to have waypoints, reminders as well as weather reports.

Be sure to never boat alone.  Always bring a friend along 

Reduce long trips, your not as young as you use to be. . Leave earlier and you will Arrive earlier. Take it Easy!

Install extra handholds so you can grab one with every step. 

Install safety lines, rails, or higher rails.

Install nonskid surfaces. 

Add an electric windlass with the ability to operate it remotely.

Remove physical obstacles from passageways and decks.   If the structure allows for it, add steps where you can.

Have a very good set of binoculars handy to check for buoys as well as landmarks.

Invest in high-quality prescription sunglasses with UV protection and non-glare lenses.

Always wear your life jacket.

Add a strong, permanently-mounted boarding ladder with nonskid rungs and good handholds.

Invest in  cushions at least six inches thick.


Never Too Old To Learn  Senior’s Boat Safety

These and other suggestions above, are good ideas for most boaters, let alone older boaters .At this point in my life, I’m more interested in comfort than speed,” he said. How long does he intend to be in his sailboat? “As long as I can walk,” he says.

Real Life Example

 Dick B., patience means looking at the entire picture. Dick and his wife Laura do a 3 week  boating trip from Florida.  The want to start 5 week journeys up to New York instead.   Dick, a retired doctor, knows that he gets tired sooner.  Taking this into account the couple sets off at earlier and plans to drop anchor mid-afternoon.

“At the end of an 8 hour day, I’m wiped out,” he says.   When I was younger, I used to drop anchor,drop the dinghy and go ashore. Now if the 2 of use just anchor.   We also search  out for marinas.  Laura said they have been working out regularly. 

Medical Emergencies On Your Boat

One minute everything’s fine aboard, and then someone has an accident and everything goes to hell. Think about how you’d handle it.

Your First-Aid Kit should Have:

 Packed  in waterproof bags

Easy to find anything

 Contains enough supplies for  1-6 people.

Assortment of adhesive bandages

OTC (over-the-counter) medications

Wound-care essentials for cuts, burns and sprains. 

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