You also might confuse thinking about taking your medication with actually doing it, he said. “This is especially likely with repeated activities where we have a lot of memories of the task [blurring] together,” he said.

Not to mention that many medications mistakes have no instant consequences. Subsequently one may  not realize that a dose was missed. Often times, there may be a few days or weeks to notice the difference, Med-Q timed medicine dispenser

The typical Senior is ambivalent about taking their prescription medication as well as OTC supplements

Medication Timer For DadThe cause judgment and misunderstanding.  By the same token people that have mental illness often feel as thought they should be able to ‘think’ their way out of their symptoms.  Consequently they feel ‘weak’ or guilty for needing to  ‘relying’ on their medication..

Furthermore, patients need to understand understand that the goal of medication isn’t a “cure.

The goal is physical care.  In the same way reduction  of the more harmful symptoms allows people to have a better quality of life.  In fact they can regain hope.  MED-Q timed medicine dispenser gives the ability to  incorporate behavioral changes.  Together with a timed medicine dispenser , it ought be part of a lifelong process.  To sum up it will improve overall well-being.  This being said,  prescriptions are only a single part of a health and wellness plan.

smart pill reminder with alarmsSimple Strategies for Taking Medication

According to MED-Q timed medicine dispenser taking meds properly is a matter of life and death.  First it is critical seniors to talk about medication-taking strategies Granted what helps one person may not help  another.  Be sure to communicate with your health care professional over any and all concerns.  With this in mind, work as a team.

Here are 6 simple ideas for remembering to take your medication; please discuss them with your doctor:

1. Use a timed medicine dispenser or smart pillbox.

“The best and easiest strategy is to put your medication in a weekly timed medicine dispenser with alarms.  Ma Modern pill dispenser is different from your Grandma’s old fashion pillbox..   The modern PILLBOX is equipped with multiple alarms.  A Pill dispenser like the MED-Q Pill box has flashing guides and beeping alarms.  The smart pill box has shown to have a com pliancy rate in the 97-99%.  The simple home pill box is the simple, reliable affordable solution to home medication errors.  In reality just fill your pillbox as  your personal doctor has prescribed for you..

Forgetting Depression Medication2. Use Modern technology

For example, one ought to make an email or text alerts.  Provided it is able to signal it’s time to take your medicine.

3. Combine with daily routine.

For the purpose of remembering try to time taking your medication.  Whenever you do a certain daily activity you do every day, such as making  brushing your teeth, Take your meds.  In fact, this works much better than taking the medication at a”whenever” time.  Similarly in the midst of other random activities.  A timed medicine dispenser makes these advice unneeded

4. Set an alarm clock.

Given that an alarm clock can Remind you, a timed medication reminder will work much better.  The alarm clock will remind.  However, it will not guide to the correct pills and supplements..

medication reminder user5. Break  autopilot mode.

Whenever you take your medication, note the time. An example, before taking meds, take a moment, look at it in your hand.  To put it another way tell yourself: “I’m taking Monday’s pill right now.  Specifically to make it much more likely that  a specific memory trace of your days dose will form.

6. Keep it visible.

As Tuckman said, “out of sight, out of mind.” So if you’re just starting your medication, leave it out in an easy-to-spot place, he said.

MED-Q timed medicine dispenser is one of the ideas to Remember

Enlist a loved one’s help with meds.  Get a medicine dispenser with alarms.  Tips and technology can help you remember to take your medicine.  A proactive stance on medication can save lives.

MED-Q timed medicine dispenser to the Rescue
MED-Q Medication Timer testimonials
MED-Q Medication Timer testimonials
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