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Archives: Testimonials

Robert and Susan E.

After we lost our Mom, Dad was a mess. He relied on her 100%.  The Problem, couldn’t keep track of the days of the week. He really started messing-up.   He would forget days and take 2-3 days at a time.  Med-Q has kept him at Home!
pill dispenser with alarm


Our Generation calls this a “Better Mouse Trap“

Bernie & Sheila M.

Our Problem, Mom was using an old fashion pill box and was missing 3-4 pills a week.  I went there to fill her pill box and she was semi-conscious on the couch. She had missed three days worth of pills and took them all right before I came over.  
Pill Box Users

Kathy R

I’m a RN at Sunset Plaza.  We fill out guest’s Med-Q for them.  It really works good for them.  We tried all types of Pill Boxes and pill organizers. This one is the best.
pill reminder with alarm

Gary S.

All I can say is “Thank you Very Much”!
smart pill organizer

Laurence D

I got One for my Mom and One for my Dad.  It makes it much easier on them and my sisters and I.  

Don Pappas

This has made a real impact in our Dad’s life. He is doing great with his diabetes medication. Best thing we ever bought  
med-q smart medication organizer

Carmella M.

This has been excellent.  My Dad is 91 and still at home.  He was doing fine, except for his prescriptions.  He is almost deaf, so the flashing box helps him a lot.

Troy J.

This has been great for my Mom.  I believe it is keeping her at home.  Great product.

Jack H

I have been taking Blood Pressure pills for 20 years.  My BP was going up.  The doctor told me , “Based on prescription refills, I was missing my meds almost 20% of the time.  She recommended your Med-Q    

Anna G.

My daughter bought this for me.  It has been great.  The only problem,. she doesn’t call me twice a day (lol)  
pill reminder user

Jason R.

My wife got this for me. I use it for my BP and cholesterol pills.  Really helps a lot.  I never forget now
Medication reminder user

Arefa C.

We got rid of our Mom’s old pillbox.  It just wasn’t working for her.  She said she never forget , but we knew she was forgetting all the time.  This is a real life saver.
pill box user

The Lopez Family

Her MED-Q is keeping her out of assisted living. We still have someone come by once a week to do laundry and cleaning. The pill box works great.

Natsha H.

Our Father lives with us.  The problem was he wasn’t taking his pills when we were at work.  Not any more with your pill box.
medication reminder

Christi M.

This really works good.   Mom us still at home
med-q timer pill box

Diane C.

My Mom started to call me at all hours of the day and night to ask if it was time to take her pills. She was confused about the time of day and even the day of the week.   No more!

The P. Family

I really believe that Grandpa & Grandma’s Med-Q’s made it so they could come to my Son’s (Their Great-Grandson) Birthday Party.   Best Pill dispenser ever.
MED-Q Automatic Pill Dispenser

John B

Our Dad is almost completely deaf.  The flashing light is perfect for him.    He started with no mistakes from day #1.