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Smart Pill Box With Alarms Saves Lives

Med-Q is America’s #1 Smart Pill Box with Alarms.

Smart Pill Box With Alarms Saves Lives
Taking Medication Properly

 Finally, it’s time to replace your OLD Fashion Pill Organizer with a Smart Pill Dispenser with alarms. From here on in, a programmable pill organizer means the right dose dose will be taken at the right time.  From now on, with the smart pill reminder, NO MONTHLY FEES.   A great caregiver’s tool for Hypertension,  Diabetes as well as the early stages of of Alzheimer’s.

The best programmable pill reminder uses lite-box guides.

Smart Pill Box With Alarms Saves LivesBy the same token the Smart Pill Reminder with alarms, Keeps Loved Ones Healthy and Independent.  Amazingly, the Smart Pill dispenser means  no forgetting or overdosing    From here on,  a Programmable Pill Organizer means the right dose will be taken at the right time.  Using LED LITE-Box guides, means no more decisions.   The best feature of all, “No Decisions, therefore, no Mistakes”.   In conclusion, the  Best Med-Q Programmable Pill Dispenser gives your Loved Ones the Quality of Life they deserve in their Golden Years.

Amazing Pill Organizer Flashing LITE-BOX Guides Means no Forgetting

 Furthermore, the Cutting Edge Design is like having a Live-In Caregiver at medication time.  For example, the #1  Medication Box with alarms will Repeat every 30 Minutes until Pills are Taken.   Of course this programmable pill dispenser with alarms will solve the Forgetting & Over-dosing problem.  Seniors forget to take their Meds all the time.  From here on,  an old fashion pill organizer for mom is not the answer.  Summing up, the best Pill Dispenser with alarms makes the difference between LIFE AND DEATH.  Of course this makes Living with Alzheimer’s easier.  smart pill box

America’s #1 Pill Dispenser with LED LITE-BOX Technology


Caregiver's Medication Reminder with Alarms
Caregiver Helper

medication box

Pill Reminder

As can be seen genius design, people love their Med-Q Pill Box.  Med-Q is the smart medication solution. An Old Fashion pill organizer just doesn’t work.  Evidently a modern pill dispenser is needed for your prescriptions .  Never the less, people still use them.   At any rate, people use a pill dispenser.  To sum up,  Med-Q Pill Dispenser with alarms remembers for you.

Smart Pill Box With Alarms
Smart PIllbox with Alarms

 It’s time to get rid of your old pill box.  Up-Grade to the Best 7 day pill organizer with alarms and removable daily pill boxes.  Med-Q gives your Loved Ones the Quality of Life they Deserve.   Smart  Pill Reminder with alarms is the very best Pill Organizer.

The statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration). Med-Q Smart Pill Dispenser with alarms is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Smart Pill Box with alarms testimonials are individual,and do not guarantee the same results.


Taking Medication Strategy 


Mom and Dad taking medication can be the difference in the Quality of their lives.   make mistakes taking medication is because they simply forget.   For example,  you’re unsure whether you took your pill or not, said Ari Tuckman, PsyD, a clinical psychologist.  Dr. Tuckman wrote the book “Understand Your Brain, Get More Done: The ADHD Executive Functions Workbook.

With many medications there are immediate consequences to making mistakes, such as triple dosing.  Most forgetting pills consequences tend to be more long term.  Forgetting to take Blood Pressure pills over time may lead to a heart Attack .   Taking medication properly is a life or death decision.

Simple Strategies for Taking Medication

It’s vital for patients to have a “Taking Medication” strategy in place.   Talk with your doctor or caregiver for the best way to manage your medication.  They will give you option to ensure your taking your medication properly.  Here are 6 simple ideas for remembering to take your medication; please discuss them with your doctor:

1. Use a Pill Box

“The best and easiest strategy to taking medication is to use a Smart Pill Box.  These are not your old fashion pill box.A smart pill box will have built in alarms that will make medication taking a snap.  These weekly pillboxes have a compartment for each day,”  It doesn’t just visually remind you to take your medication but it’s audio alarms will alert you

2. Take advantage of technology.

New Smart pill boxes has made taking medication much easier.  A Smart pill box like the MedQ pillbox has triple alarms and uses LITE-BOX technology to help with taking medication.  These types of devices will reminder the user and show them which pills to take.

3. Combine with a daily task.

Tie taking your medication with an activity you do every day, such as making coffee or brushing your teeth. “This works much better than taking the medication when you remember during the course of the day.  Remember, for maximum benefits, you need to take your meds at the same time each day.

 4. Set an alarm.

“Setting a daily alarm clock is helpful, especially if thy are only taking pills once a day.

5. Keep it visible.

“Out of sight, out of mind.” So if you’re taking medication, leave your medication box or reminder where it is easily visible.

6. Enlist a loved one’s help.

It can help to have a non-judgmental, positive person who understands your situation support you through treatment.  This person can help you remember to take your medicine.


Buy ButtonMedQTaking Medication for Mom and Dad  gets more important as the get older.  Using a smart pill box or some type of smart pill dispenser should be your first decision on the medication management for your mom.  Remember, Mom not taking medication is not like forgetting to pay a bill.  Forgetting to pay a bill will not lead to the Emergency room.

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