November 1, 2016

Do you have a Halloween ‘Sugar Hangover’


Do  You have a Halloween Sugar Hang Over?


If you eat so much Halloween Candy last night

Is the candy making you feel miserable this morning, you may be experiencing a  sugar hangovers a thing?    Even though there is not a physical real hangover ilike the kind that comes form drinking too much alcohol a a sugar crash can certainly give you the same types of .  Examples of which might be brain spaciness outward, irritability, throbbing head aches as well as nausea.


“Sugar hangovers are not your imagination.  You may really feel lousy after eating copious amounts of candy, as reported by  Kim Larson, who is  a professional nutritional specialist from  the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics .  She published the information at the Huffington Post

Sugars increase your endorphins levels which can make you feel really good

The problem is that when the blood sugar begins to  drop, people get irritable as well as very tired,” Kim reported.   A single candy binge and then the following crash is nothing to worry bout.  However if one does this on a regular basis, the  huge amounts of  sugar can have a negative impact on your health.   Furthermore,  people will put on extra fat , increase the risk of developing diabetes as well as  coronary heart disease, regularly eating too much sugar can actually change your brain.

Eating excessive amounts of sugar can be habit forming

Laura Schmidt, a health professor from the Unv of CA in San Francisco calls the  habit an addiction.  There is not precise research on sugar  hangovers, however there’s is a lot of solid evidence that withdrawal form sugars is not an easy thing to do.  The sugars are a form of for the brain.   What calling out for it’s dose of dopamine.  The sugar craving can be stronger in some individuals than others.   Published in 2013, a report from the International Journal of Obesity took brain scans of 25 kids when they were tasting sugars.  The brains of the  obese kids lit up differently form he brain activity in children of normal weigh.  This seems to show that  the obese children were having a better response from the sugar as well as a larger mental reward from sugar.

What is the best way to avoid Sugar Hangovers?

The best way to avoid those short-and long-term sugar effects are not very hard to do.  Simply try to lower their intake of sugary foods likes sugary drinks, candy, cookies and desserts.   In 2015 Dietary Guidelines for US Citizens recommend to limit  sugar to less than 10 % of one’s intake of  daily calories.


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