June 17, 2016

Smart Pill Dispenser success story


Smart Pill Dispenser Success Story



A Smart Pill Dispenser helps Seniors and their Caregivers.

Taking your meds properly can mean the difference between life and death.    The Med Smart Pill Dispenser helps Seniors and their caregivers take the right pills.  No more Mom forgetting pills aor Dad forgetting medication.

Seniors use a Smart Pill Dispenser

The MedQ electronic pill dispenser helps seniors take medication on schedule.   With the Med Smart Pill Box you will reduce the risk of hospital.  It has been estimated by the American Hospital Association, that 10% of all hospital visits is from medication errors.  The Med Medication Box helps Caregivers when they can’t be there.  This reduces the risk of accidental over dosing.  It will reduce complications and unplanned hospitalizations.  Very importantly, it will help seniors maintain independence and peace of mind



 Medication Errors are Common and Costly

Seniors use medications to keep them healthy, but confusing medication schedules leads to mistakes.  Missing pills or taking the wrong ones is expensive.  Taking pills at the wrong times is why they need an electronic pill dispenser.  Not having a good pill organizer  leads to doctor visits, illness and even death.

For seniors,  10% of  hospital admissions are because of the incorrect use of medications.  This problem has a big cost.  It is estimated that 275 Billion dollars a year is wasted on problems caused by forgetting pills.  With the goal of reducing health care costs, a smart pill box can be the cheapest way of saving 100’s of billions of dollars.  Mistakes lead to pain and suffering.   Medication errors cause 125,000 preventable deaths in the United States every year.  This is almost 5 times the amount of deaths from car accidents.

Our aging population demands a new electronic pill dispenser to help seniors.  The MedQ Smart pill dispenser will eliminate the medication errors that are effecting senior’s Quality of Life.buy button




MedQ Smart Pill Dispenser replaces the  Stress, Worry & Wondering about Mom Forgetting pills with the Peace of Mind that you are doing the best for Loved Ones

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