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Stress is America’s #1 Health Problem

Stress is America’s #1 Health Problem

Stress Effects Back in 1983

Stress Health ProblemWay back in 1983, TIME magazine printed a story about stress.  First of all, they called it “The Epidemic of the 8o's” Second of all, TIME claimed that it was becoming our #1 health problem.  That being said, it has certainly  gotten worse. To illustrate,  multitudes of different surveys from different sources have confirmed it. Finally, Adult Americans tell us that they are under significantly more stress than a 10 Years ago.  A proactive approach helps.  For example, a pillbox with alarm and timer or medication reminder device.

Prevention magazine Stress survey found found

had a write in survey.  The results, nearly 70 Percent of Individuals have the feeling of being under “great stress” at least 1 day out of the week.  Other report that they have the same feeling 3-4 times a week.  The same survey  done by prevention magazine 30 years ago,  found only 50-55% claimed to be stressed on a weekly basis.  The current estimate,  70 – 85%of all visits to Health care professionals come from stress related problems. Hence, this is why Stress is America’s #1 Health Problem.

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Job Stress leads to Other Problems

There is absolutely zero doubt that Job Stress is the #1 source of stress.  This being said, the recent survey shows that stress levels have gone up in kids, teens, college students as well as Seniors.  There are many reasons such as peer pressure among teens.   The increase in crime and violence   Many have the problem of substance abuse as well as many other unhealthy lifestyle choices.  It can come from social isolation and the loneliness it may cause.  People losing family and other strong sources of social support are powerful stress creators.

Contemporary stress is more pervasive

Contemporary Stress is much more pervasive and persistent.  It begins, primarily,  from psychological issues and fears  Many times it is ingrained  in the psyche.  First, this stress will create a condition called Hypertension or commonly called high blood pressureDoctors refer to it as  part of cardiovascular disease.  Second, the stress will make pressure  pushing against the inside of the artery walls go up. Like air in a tire or water in a hose, blood fills arteries to a certain top capacity.   In the event that there is too much air pressure, you can Pop the tire. As well as too much water pushing through a garden hose can damage the hose.  It will harm healthy arteries and lead to life-threatening conditions such as heart disease and stroke.

Some reactions we have no control over that stress can cause:

•Stress related  to high blood pressure blood is kept from the digestive system because it is not needed for  digestion,so it could go to the muscles of the arms and legs.  Ancient survival stress techniques  to provide more strength in combat or for escaping danger.

•clotting happens quickly to prevent blood loss from cuts as well as internal bleeding.

Survival techniques from our ancestors used their Stress

These  Stress responses have been exquisitely honed over the course of Mankind's evolution to be able to save lives.  This being said modern stress is different from being eaten by a saber-toothed cat. Modern stress comes for getting stuck in traffic, fights family members, that often occur several times a day.

 The problem is that our bodies still react with the same fight or flight response.  With this type of stress, it is easy to see how High Blood Pressure, strokes, heart attacks and  diabetes are called hidden-phone"  High stress can trigger epilepsy and epileptic seizures.

Medication Errors may lead to more stress.

Talk About stress Effects With Your Doctor. A  nationally representative Consumer Reports telephone survey of 1,063 U.S. adults was published.  The findings, men and women, 65 plus, stress over medications.  For example, people taking epilepsy medications worry greatly.  Another example, people suffering with Brian fog.   To sum up, these people are regularly taking prescription medicine are under high levels of stress.  Furthermore, most people are  less likely to discuss the problem with friends or family.  In addition, never discuss the  stress effects with their doctor. Barely half of patients discussed these concerns.  Finally, 2/3 younger adults (Under 30 years of age)  did.

People may be embarrassed at not being able to cope

People are thinking they’re experiencing a normal stress load.  This is not the case.  If you notice a physical or mental change  tell your doctor.  Make sure your medications are being taken properly.  Even bring your medication reminder or pill box to the doctors office.  Furthermore, make sure your drugs are being taken as directed.

And ask about nondrug options, such as exercise to  reduce stress

For example, Stress can be lowered with a diet that results in lower lower blood cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.  To illustrate, people can learn bladder training for an overactive bladder to prevent the stress of a public accident.  Again,  cognitive therapy for  depression can help.  Finally, using a smart pillbox with alarm and timer or some type of programmable pill reminder to remove the stress of medication worries.  A smart Medication reminder is one of the best, easiest way to lower stress significantly.

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Pill Box for Stress

pillbox with alarm and timer

pillbox with alarm and timer

Stress is America’s #1 Health Problem

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