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Strategies for Preventing Medication Errors

First of all, it is vital fora ll caregivers to know of different strategies for Preventing Medication Errors.  Second of all, there are ways  to reduce the  likelihood of prescription medication errors. Here some simple strategies to help.

Medication Reminders
Med-Q Medication Reminders

Use a Modern alarm medication box

  • There are many types of medication boxes available.  The most basic is a simple medication box.  The newest medication box with alarm is called MED-Q.  This is a medication box with alarms and flashing guides. Hence,  These type of pill boxes can be custom programmed to the users specific dose times.  To sum up, with a smart medication reminder, no more forgetting or over dosing.

Follow the 5 rights of medication administration.

  • Caregivers need to make sure that institutional policies related to prescription medications are precisely followed. First, It isn’t “OK” just give prescription  medication as prescribed, Second, one must ensure the correct medication has been  prescribed.  Third, this is what is need for that person.  Finally, the top 3. The proper dose, via the correct route, and at the right time.
    medication box with alarms
    MED-Q Medication Box With Alarms

Keep a journal for tracking proper medication  dosing.

  • For example, A journal of given medications helps with medication reconciliation . On a regular basis, review and verify each medication .  The journal should have this info:
  • First, The  correct prescription medication,
  • Second, the correct dosage
  • Third, the correct way of taking it
  • Fourth, the proper time

In fact, nurses should compare this to the medication administration record (MAR). Again, there are several forms for medication reconciliation available on line or from your doctor.

Double check—an then triple check

  • This is a process whereby a different care giver takes over.  It is critical to ensure each individuals journal is read and noted. Furthermore, some hospitals will have a chart flag process in place.  This will highlight the charts with new orders .

smart pill dispenser

4. Have the physician or another caregiver read it back to you.

First of all, This is a process where the caregiver will reads back the medication to the taker. Second of all, This will help to ensure the ordered medication is taken as prescribed. Finally, it will be transcribed correctly. There are many types of tips to prevent errors.  From  the newest medication box with alarm  to a live in care giver.  To sum up, take control of your health before your health takes control of called MED-Q.  To sum up, use these strategies for preventing medication errors.medication box with alalrm


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