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Staying Healthy in Your 70’s

Med-Q electronic pill dispenser with alarm for Staying Healthy in Your 70’s

Top Tips for Staying Healthy in Your 70’s and 80’s

Med-Q electronic pill dispenser with alarm for Staying Healthy in Your 70s and 80’s

We are living in the golden age of medicine.

electronic pill dispenser with alarmIn the past, very few people would Stay Healthy in their 70’s, 80’s.    The medical term  for getting older is, “progressive changes related to the passing of time.”  Most men and women have a mental image  as to what changes that they expect to occur as they get older.  Most people are 100% wrong in there representation of their future health and well being.  This being said  , you can lower your personal risk  for physical and mental disability when  you get older.

You can expect to live of about a decade longer than your parents

In fact, your likely to live healthier as well. Here is some interesting data reported  by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.   North of 39 million American, in 2010, were over the age of 64.  This is over 13% of the US population.  It is estimated that by the year 2030 a full 20% of the population will be over the age of pill dispenser



Here are some tips to Staying Healthy in Your 70’s for the best chance for a longer life

We all know that we are unable to control every part of our affects health as we get older. You have control over many things. Here are some Tips for a long and healthy life:

  • Be sure to make daily healthy lifestyle choices.  If you smoke, stop.  Be sure to exercise good, clean hygiene.  Try your best to lower the amounts of stress you have 
  • Have a PMA (Positive Mental Outlook)
  • Be sure to stay as active.  This is not just physically, but mental as well
  • Take preventive safety precautions and measures
  • See your health care provider or Doctor on a regular basis.  Be sure to follow his or her recommendations for screening and preventative measures as well as medication compliance.

There is a critical component that is often overlooked, is to have something to live for.  It has been said that the number One thing you can do to stay healthy as you get older,  is to always have a sense of purpose.  You must stay connected to people and things that matter to you most.  This being said, we all know that it isn’t always easy.  This is magnified by the fact that our  society may view senior people as a burden.

A great place to go is a senior center.

Seniors should set a personal goal to have some “one-on-one” time with at least one person ecvery sinlge day.

 Volunteering in your community, is a good way of saying involved.  Many find that attend church does the job.  In a large study of older Americans, researchers focused on sedentary men and women between the ages of 70 and 89 who either met twice a week for a supervised walk around a track and received instruction to walk or do balance and flexibility exercises three to four times a week at home or attended weekly workshops on healthy aging.electronic pill dispenser

electronic pill box with alarm

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