MedQ Smart PillBox Saves More Than Lives

Smart Pillbox prevents Medication Mistakes

Are you one of the millions of Americans who make dangerous mistakes with their medications?   You can avoid that bitter pill with these simple using a Smart pillbox or some type of smart pill reminder.   Keeping your loved ones at home not only keeps them happy, it will save 10’s if not 100’s of thousands of dollars.

In the last ten years, wages have increased by less than 35%.  Health care costs in the same time period have risen over 600%.  You do the math.  The MED-Q PillBox keeps loved Ones at home.  Staying at home means no expensive assisted living. Where else can such a small investment in a smart pillbox or smart pill reminder have such a big impact on your loved ones health and Well Being,

nurseMedQ Smart Pillbox is you first line of defense

Med=Q will ensure the best Quality of Life that modern medication can offer.  How does a smart pillbox work?  The Med-Q Pill reminder has triple alarms that makes forgetting and overdosing virtually impossible.  Alarm 1 is a bright Flashing LED that lights up Only the individual box holding that doses pills.  This guides the user to the exact dose.  No decision , means no mistakes,.  The loud audio alarm will doable in volume over 5 minutes so it can be heard through out the house.

 What happens if you are our when your alert sounds?  No problem, Your MedQ Smart Pillbox will repeat its alarms every 30 minutes until you have taken your pills.  We tried to design the MedQ Medication timer to be mistake proof.

pillboxStep One, Your doctor writes out  a prescription for you.  Step 2, the pharmacy fills your prescription.  Step 3,  you take the medication and get better. That’s how it’s supposed to work.  . But in the realty is very different.  The World Health organization has reported that up to 90% of seniors make medication errors on a regular basis.   

More than 1.5 million dangerous drug mistakes occur every year, according to the Institute of Medicine, the health arm of the National Academy of Sciences. A smart Pillbox of smart pill reminder can make sure your medication is taken on time and in the right amounts.  Preventing these med errors will keep your loved ones out of Assisted Living.