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Smart Pillbox is a Hit in Woodridge

Smart Pillbox Hit in Woodridge VA

A Smart Pillbox helps Woodridge, VA  Seniors

A Smart Pillbox has come to the Aid of Seniors in Woodridge Va.  MedQ Smart Pillbox is making a difference in the Independence and Quality of life of seniors.  Now that medication errors have become the third leading cause of death, behind cancer and heart disease.

smart pillbox reminder for momDad Forgetting Medication  can send him to the ER

As People age they will begin to suffer from of AIMM’s (Age Induced Memory Mistakes)  The problem will get worse.   This the reason a smart pill box is so important.  New found statistics  shows medication errors has become the third leading cause of death, behind cancer and heart disease.  Surprisingly, very little has been done to address the home medicating problem.  MedQ Smart Pill box to the Woodridge’s Senior population.

Mom forgetting Pills solved with a Smart Pillbox

Seniors have started using the MedQ Smart Pill box with great results.  Heather R, a 86 year Woodridge resident says, ” Haven’t missed a pill in over 8 months.  I didn’t realize how much I would count on the Pill Box”.  Why is mom Forgetting pills so Important?  Why is it so important for senior to take their prescription properly?  One reason, 125,000 deaths per year.  An  Old Fashion “Dumb” Pillbox doesn’t work.  Your loved ones need a smart pill reminder to make sure they take their meds right.  With the MedQ smart Medication timer, your worries will Smart Pillbox dispenser


MedQ Smart Pillbox saves lives.

medq smart pillbox
medq smart pillbox

People are living longer with a better quality of life. The best Smart pill box will keep seniors Happy, Healthy and independent.  The biggest challenge for seniors is for them to understand that the problem does exssit.  A good smart pillbox is like a medication safety belt.  It isn’t important until you need it.  It is the same thin with medication. There never is a problem until you head to the emergency room from medication errors.

medication dispenser testimonials

The benefit of solving impact on your loved ones health and independence.

MedQ’ Smart Pillbox is the Solution to Med mistakes

Pill Reminder options for Seniors

  • Electronic Pill ReminderFlashing LED Alarm Lights
  • Loud Audio alarm
  • Repeats Every thirty minutes until Medictin has been taken
  • MedQ is the Best Smart Pillbox with Led LITE-Box Technology and Triple Alarms


medq smart pillbox
medq smart pillbox

Watch the MedQ Smart Pillbox Youtube Video.  You will never look at a pillbox the same.  A smart pill reminder is the solution to medication mistakes..  You can keep you loved ones in the Quality of Life that they deserve.

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