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Smart Pillbox for Medication Management

A smart Pillbox is a way Manage Medication

Smart Pillbox for Medication Management 5 Tips for Ways a smart pillbox manages Medication

What ways to manage medication is the best?  Making common medication mistakes, can lead to Loss of independence,, poor health or even worse.  Taking pills incorrectly or taking more than is prescribed is called “Medical Non-Compliance“.  A Smart PillBox or some type of smart pillbox are useful tools.  Here is some Tips to help.

Creative Ways to Manage Medication

 Use your Pharmacist
med-q smart pillbox
med-q smart pillbox is America’s Best Pill Box

Your pharmacist is a excellent source of information. In addition to answering questions, your pharmacist can fill your Smart Pill Box or Smart pill box. Remember, the goal is to keep Mom forgetting pills and Dad forgetting medication to a minimum.  Try to fill your prescription at the same pharmacy whenever possible.

In Case of Accidental Poisoning

Mixing the wrong medications can cause accidental poisoning. If this happens, call Poison Help at 1-800-222-1222 to speak with a poison expert at the poison center serving your area. The service is free and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For more information, visit the Poison Help website at  Creative ways to manage medication is the key to health and independence in senior years.  A simple pill box can be the most effective way to begin.

 1. The pharmacy label should say why you are taking that pill

Older adults who are taking multiple medications can get mixed up very easy.  When you are loading their Pill Box let then know what each medication does. This helps ensure they are not taking duplicate pill for the same conditioned.

2. Create a Medication list

American Nurse Today  has been quoted  “keep an accurate list of all medications, including generic and brand names, dosages, dosing frequency, and reason for taking the drug.”   This is a simple first step in avoiding med errors

smart pill dispenser
Med-Q smart Pillbox with alarms

3. Bring the  list  when you see the the doctor

Take your list of pill and medication.  This should also include any vitamins and supplement that may be taken as these may have negative interaction with their prescription pills..

4. Make sure their dose is right for their age

People are effect by drugs differently as the age.  The body can not metabolize various drugs as we get older.  Seniors can  become more sensitive to some drugs and less sensitive to others. Double-check with your Health care professional to make sure the dosage on the prescription is age-appropriate.

5. Talk to the pharmacist and ask questions

If you have any worries, ask your doctor or pharmacist. . You should also talk to them if you are thinking of stopping a medication.

med-q smart pillbox
med-q smart pillbox

Ways to Manage Medication is Key to Good Health and Independence for seniors.  MedQ  Smart Pill box helps give Seniors the Quality of Life they Deserve in their Golden years.  To sum up, MED-Q Smart Pillbox for Medication Management

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