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Med-Q Smart PillBox Alarm makes Vitamins Work Right

Med-Q Smart PillBox Alarm for Women’s Vitamins

Smart PillBox AlarmMed-Q Smart Pill Box Alarm uses 21st Century Technology to make sure you take your Vitamins

. No matter how good they are for you, they will not work if you don’t take them.  Look under your bathroom sink and you will see why you need a smart pill box alarm.  America’s #1 Smart PillBox Alarm Comes with LED LITE-BOX and Triple Alarms for your Vitamins and Supplements.  Moreover, maximum benefits.


No More Forgetting or Over Dosing With the Smart PillBox. Vitamins are a personal Insurance Policy. Load your pillbox with your “all-in-one” supplements and you will be reminded every day.  Multi- Vitamins make sure you  get nutrients you need. It is important to note that women’s  nutritional needs are different than men’s.  Women need more folic acid, calcium, iron, vitamin D, and magnesiumin in their personal pillbox..

best automatic pill dispenser



The Right Meds at the Right Times

  • One-A-Day Women’s
  • “Women’s Health” magazine and Consumer Labs picked One-A-Day Women’s as their top multivitamin.
  • Centrum Ultra Women’smed-q smart pill box
  • ConsumerLab also gave it the seal of approval and so did Consumer Reports.
  • GNC Women’s Ultra Mega
  • GNC Women’s Ultra Mega is a much less expensive.
  • Metabolic Maintenance FemOne
  • Metabolic Maintenance’s FemOne lacks calcium and magnesium
  • Viactiv Multivitamin Chews
  • Viactiv is chocolate-flavored soft chew.
Vitamins for Good Health

smart pillbox

Enhance your healthy lifestyle with a pill box alarm will make sure you take your vitamins.  We all know that we start out full of zeal.  This quickly fails and the vitamins end up in the medicine cabinet or under the sink.  For them to work best, you need to take the right amounts at the right times.  Med-q pill box is perfect for this. Med-Q Smart Pill Box provides Valuable Information and Tips on Our BLOG.     Please share YOUR MEDQ PillBox Experiences with Us.  

Pill Boxes alarms keeps Parents Healthy

automatic pill dispenser for alzheimer's
automatic pill dispenser for alzheimer’s

A Pill Boxes with Alarms for Senior’s  fading memory. Using smart pill boxes  with alarms are the first line of defense for good health and well being.  Med-Q  pill reminders with alarms are an absolute must for seniors taking any type of prescription medications.  Often, you will hear from seniors, “I never forget to take my pill“.

 You do the math, there are over 250 Thousand premature deaths each year in the US from medication mistakes.

smart pill boxes with alarms

 Using Smart Pill Boxes with alarms solves the problem

The problem is called Non-Compliance (Medical term for not taking medication as prescribed)   This is a huge issue in medication management.  Dad forgetting taking the wrong amount of pills is nit rare, it is very common.  Alzheimer’s patients forgetting their prescription medicines will worsen when the disease advances.

Sponsored By Med-Q Medication compliance System

 Programmable pill boxes  are the tool that is needed to manage the prescription pills and supplements

People who are suffering from diseases like Type 1 or 2 diabetes, High BP, Alzheimer’s or dementia, clinical depression, and elevated cholesterol need a medication alarm clock.  Many children will buy a medication alarm clock for their parents when it has become needed.  The Kids know that their parents need a medication alarm clock or simply put , a Pill reminder.

MED-Q Pill Boxes with Alarm has been designed to solve the problem.

pill boxes
pill boxes

Just Plain Better, Inc. designed a timer pill organizer that is a pill reminder with alarms.  First, Triple alarms means no more forgetting or overdosing. Second, The user will program the pill boxes for the times you take your meds.  Third, The pill holder will take care of the rest.  Just fill the Pill Boxes. Subsequently, at the programmed times, the box holding that times pills will start flashing.

An audio alarm will sound as well.

In addition, The alarms starts out soft but will keep getting louder and louder for the full alarm cycle.  No decisions about time, day or which pills to take.  However, The only steps needed after loading the pill reminder with alarms are to listen for the beeping or watch for the flashing.Programmable mediation reminder for Alzheimer's

This new modern pill holder has made it virtually impossible for seniors to forget or double dose with their prescription medicines.  The MED-Q is part of an action plan that will ensure the most positive health outcomes.   Of course you must refill your pill boxes every seven days. 

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