MED-Q Smart PillBox is a Hit with Seniors


MED-Q Smart Pillbox  for health


MED-Q Smart PillBox is used for good Health

MED-Q Smart PillBox A Smart Pillbox means you will be able to not have to worry. A pill clock needs to be part of your plan of taking care of yourself and your loved one.  The pill clock will take  the work load .  Caregivers need to be aware that a Medication Box or Pillbox will help everyone.   Especially if used as an Alzheimer’s pill alarm.

Dad forgetting Medication ?

Is Dad making  regular doctor appointments.  It is easy for them to forget.  You remind them to go to the doctor, but who reminds them to take their medication?    MED-Q Smart Pillbox is more than a pillbox.  This is a high tech smart pill dispenser with triple alarms. This is what they need to remember their pills



Old Fashion Plastic Pillboxes

MED-Q Smart PillBox The Cheap , over the counter, pillboxes are borderline useless.  They are not designed to prevent forgetting or prevent miss dosing The are nothing more than a different pill holder.  The 7 day pill box is not the answer.  The mistake they make can be debilitating and even fatal.  In the US, in 2013, over 125,000 people died from medication mistakes.  This is over three times the number of people who die in car accidents.  Your MED-Q Programmable Pill dispenser has been designed to save lives.

Smart Pillbox in Congress

pill dispenserPresidential candidate Bernie Sanders has said, “”The tragedy that we’re talking about here (is) deaths taking place that should not be taking place,” said subcommittee Chair Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., in his opening remarks in a senate sub committee on Aging.  The problem is huge and a solution is needed.  View the MED-Q pill dispenser on YOU TUBE for additional information

MED-Q Smart Pillbox with alarms is a simple, reliable and affordable solution.  

A simple device that can improve the Quality of life of Alzheimer’s’ sufferers




Med-Q smart Pill Box with Triple Alarms
Med-Q smart Pill Box with Triple Alarms

MED-Q Smart PillBox is the first Line of Defense for Good health and well Being.  Just set your MED-Q  alarms and let the smart pill box do the job for you.  MED-Q Smart Pill Reminder uses it’s repeating Triple Alarms  to Remind and Guide.   See more Smart Pillbox @  Google+ Facebook  YouTube.



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