MedQ Smart Pillbox for proper Vitamin E

MedQ Smart Pillbox for proper Vitamin E

Vitamin E has shown to help with Alzheimer’s

High doses of vitamin E appears to help people in all stages of Alzheimer’s disease.  An old  study that was published 10 years ago.  It showed  Vitamin E was helpful in late-stage Alzheimer’s disease. A New study published Tuesday by the Journal of the American Medical Association found it helps in early and middle stages also

Mary Sano, director of the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center at the James J. Peters VA Medical Center in New York City.  says,”This looks very promising,”   Doctors do not know why high doses of vitamin E helps people with Alzheimer’s.  The Alzheimer’s Association is conducting funding research to find out why.

MedQ Protects Vision

Vision Care

Vitamin E is helpful in managing vision care.  it will help slow Advance Macular Degeneration (AMD). A Harvard Study Studies showed AMD is linked to nutrition and a daily dose of vitamin E  slow the progression.

More Health Benefits of Vitamin E.  Fades Scars And Stretch Marks.  Vitamin E oil helps skin with moisture retention and makes it look healthier  Applying vitamin E to scarred  skin can help prevent heal quicker. These properties keep skin hydrated after cuts prevents the scar from becoming permanent.  Put the oil on for about half an hour before rinsing off. Do this in the morning and again at night.

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MedQ Smart PillBox for your Vitamin E

What is Vitamin E?  Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin that you can only get from food and vitamins.  If your diet is too low in fats  it will block  beta carotene and vitamin E  absorption. Whole grains and high quality vegetable oils are big sources of vitamin E.

high doses of vitamin eIt’s benefits come from its antioxidant properties

Vitamin E removes free radicals that can damage cell structure.  This will boost immunity. Vitamin E also protects against various toxins. For more Information , View MedQ’s BLOG.

MedQ PillBox  recommends these foods rich in Vitamin E

medq smart pillbox

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