Pill Box with Alarms for alzheimer's

MED-Q Smart Pill Reminder , the Smart Pill box timer

Med-Q Pill reminder is the Pill box timer for for Anti-depressants

MED-Q Smart Pill Reminder keeps you on schedule

Smart Pill Reminder

How can a Smart Pill reminder help? “I somehow forgot to take my AD prescription medications. yesterday and I am feeling lower then low. The depression is so strong right now that I’m getting feelings of suicide”.  You should call for help immediacy.  You can see why a Smart pill box timer with alarm is so important .

Med-Q  is more than a simple Pill Reminder.

alarm pill dispenserMissing doses can lead to suicide. 

That is why you need a pill reminder or some type of smart pill box.  People need their medication timer to avoid missing only one pill .

Most important,  Med-Q pill reminder will help tremendously.  Keep in mind it is harder to kill yourself then one would think.    The chances of you damaging yourself permanently are much higher than succeeding.  Certainly, mo one wants to go through life with a self imposed handicap.  Your Pill Reminder will help.

best pillbox for caregiversSmart  Pill Box Timer with Alarms

Consequently, MEd-Q Smart Pill Reminder will  help you remember your depression medication.  Your Medication box can mean the difference between a good life and bad life.

Be sure, tt is not an exaggeration that a Medication timer with alarm can mean the difference between life and death.  “I somehow forgot to take my AD meds. yesterday and I am feeling lower then low” The depression is so strong right now that I’m getting feelings of suicide”.    In the event that one feels this way, you should call for help immediately.

Tell Everyone about the Amazing Prescription Reminder with Triple Alarms and Led-Lite-Box Technology.  Whereas, seniors prevent accidentally under dosing and over dosing.MED-Q Smart Medication Timer

Alcohol causes Suicidal thoughts

For example, consuming any type of alcoholic in the  last night that would most likely be the cause of waking up with the blues.  It is more likely that there are other issues than missing one day.  This is why your medication box is so important.  In addition, try not consume any alcohol then please take yourself to urgent care right now, these feelings can too spin out of control.

Sponsored by med-Q Pill Reminder

Regardless of the potential causes if you begin to actually evaluate ways in which to end your life then GO to urgent care or the ER right now.  In fact, it seems like the feeling you are having with never go away.  But they will.

The  Med-Q Programmable Pill Box with TRIPLE ALARMS makes pill time simple.

alarm pill dispenser

Hence, seniors use the simplicity of the Pillbox Reminder FLASHING LITE-BOX to guide them to the right pills.  In addition, the Escalating Audio Alarms makes sure the Meds are taken at the right time.  Miss a Pill, No Problem. To sum up, Med-Q Smart Pill bx timer will repeat every 30 minutes until the pills are taken.   Not your Grandma’s Old Fashion Pill reminder!

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