Smart Pill Reminder for Mom

America’s #1 Pill Reminder Prevents Physical and Financial Crisis

The Warning Signs Of Medication Mistakes

Programmable Pill Reminder with alarms

Shocking Consequence of Medication Errors.

Imagine Two 747 Jets Crashing Everyday with no survivors

The shocking fact, preventable medication errors kill that same number of people each day in the United States.   The amount of suffering is truly staggering.  A proactive control of life-saving medication with a small pill box with alarms is a must for your loved ones.

Flashing Guide

Med-Q Smart Pill Reminder for Mom has Flashing LED LITE-BOX that guides Loved Ones to the Right Pills . The #1 best pill dispenser with alarm is the smart pill reminder

Blasting Alarms 

The Smart Pill Organizer has an alarm that gets Louder and Louder.  The Best Pill Reminder is perfect for the Hearing Impaired.

Repeating Alarms

Miss a Pill, No Problem. The Smart Pill box repeats it’s alarms until Pills have been taken. The #1  Pill Organizer with alarms!

The Smart Pill Box with Alarms

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The Best Pill Reminder with Flashing Guides 

Of course a smart pill reminder with alarms saves thousands in assisted living costs.  Above all, the Best Pill Organizer with alarms keeps Loved Ones at homes.  For this reason Med-Q is Priceless.  The Best Pill reminder with alarms was created so family and friends could stay at home.  Moreover Med-Q gives Loved One’s the Quality of Life as well as Independence they so deserve in their Golden Years.  

 The Smart Pill Reminder for Mom

Best Pill Organizer Reminds every 30 Minutes until Taken

Compared to Posti-Notes, the Cutting Edge Design is like having a Live-In Caregiver at medication time.  The Best Pill Organizer with alarms Repeats every 30 Mins until Pills are Taken.  Of course this will solve the forgetting as well as overdosing problem.  

Smart Medication Reminder with Alarms

The Best Pill Organizer with Audio and Visual Alarms

smart pill reminder
Smart Pill Reminder

 Simplicity, Reliability and Affordability is what makes Med-Q the best pill organizer with alarms .  

  In Fact, the smart pill box with alarms is a great Alzheimer’s tool.  Of course Med-Q is  a caregiver’s best friend.  For this reason, using the best pill box with alarms makes your job easier.  In a word, switch from your old fashion pill box to the best pill reminder.  In fact, the best Medication Organizer with alarms means no more mistakes.  Finally, Med-Q pillbox remembers for you.  As a result of the brilliant pill boxes design, for this reason Seniors will not make errors.  As previously stated,  no decisions, means no mistakes

 The  Smart Pill Reminder for Mom gives Independence and Quality of Life 


Pill reminder

In conclusion, Med-Q  Smart Pill Organizer with Alarms therefore mistakes just don’t happen. 

Especially important, for now it’s your turn to take Care of Them.