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Smart Pill Reminder for Elderly 


 A smart Pill Reminder for Prescription Medications.

 The Elderly and Smart Pill Reminders with alarms.  Seniors and prescription pills go hand in hand.  As we get older the number of pills seems to go up in direct proportion to our age.  Seniors medication has become more and more important.  If they forget or miss-dose it could be life threatening.  A crucial need for smart pill reminder is obvious.


 Why do seniors smart pill reminders with alerts

smart pill reminder with alarmTypical examples of what to expect can be read in the book,  Danger! Prescription Medications and Our Elderly. First, tThe book speaks of how crucial it is for seniors to have an understanding of the medication.  Second, why it needs to be taken as prescribed.  

For example, a recent article in the New York Times, Wide Medication Misuse Is Common  Among Seniors  showed that medications were not being taken as directed.  By the same token, the problem, 90% of seniors do make mistakes with their medications.    Seniors or their caregivers must know what pills the doctor is giving them as well as in what combination.  Finally, one can see why are needed to help keep the medication regime in proper control.

Clues for Medication Errors being made

Alaso people need to the pills they are taking and the way to take them.  A simple look inside their smart pill boxes will show if they are any missed doses.   If you find out that the Senior is not  taking the pills, or even being unable to fill the pill reminder correctly it is time to re-evaluate.  Furthermore,  times the loved one lives in a different city, or  even state so it is hard to notice changes.  As well as some times it is good to have some one check on your loved ones.

Moreover Med-Q Smart Pill Reminders offers this HELPFUL RESOURCES

programmable pill reminder
MED-Q programmable pill reminder with Alarms

Veterans Administration:

First of all, the VA is helpful in education as well as skilled in home care.  Second of all, pholosophy of, Keep the veteran in their home as long as it is safe.  Third of all,  VA may send a home social worker to view the situation.    Finally The social worker should fill out the necessary  paperwork to begin.  To sum up,  a lot of good information is posted on the  Federal Benefits for Veterans and Dependents Book.

pill reminder

For example,  watching our loved ones get older as well as it being us who are in our “golden years” it critical for one to remain knowledgeable in their options.  Smart Pill Reminders are the first line of defense in fighting Medication Non-Compliance.  To illistrate, if Seniors are not aware of the new life-saving technology, they will not be able to take advantage of it.  Remember, forgetting pills is not like forgetting to pay the light bill.  On the other hand ,lights out can mean something completely different.

Many of the people reading this blog are health care professionals.  

Also, please leave a comment about what works for you.  Finally, If you know of any other resources that would be a helpful .  Med-Q Smart pill dispenser with alarm asks that you  please let us know at: @  Med-Q Smart Pill Boxes pill reminder


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