MED-Q Smart Pill Organizer stays off nursing homes and assisted living

Not all Smart Pill Organizer Pill Boxes are Equal

Med-Q Smart Pill Organizer PillBoxes Keeps Loved Ones at Home

alzheimer's pill boxMed-Q Smart Pill Organizer Pillbox to the rescue.  Shockingly, 25% of Assisted Living Admits Can be Avoided or Postponed.  Furthermore,  a full 25% of the Cost of Seniors Assisted Living and nursing home admits are due to Home Medication Errors.  Imagine if you Loved One was using the Med-Q Electronic Pill Boxes.  Of course, they could be at home, safe and sound.  After all electronic pillboxes vs paying 10’s of thousand of dollars for assisted living.

Health Challenges of Aging
electronic Pill Dispenser Alarm

Age Induced Medication Mistakes (AIMM’s)

In fact, Age Induced Medication Mistakes, or AIMM’s has been reported by the FDA to effect to 90% of seniors.  AIMM’s includes forgetting, miss dosing  as well as taking medication with out food.  In brief 25%of all nursing homes and assisted living facilities admissions are premature.  The cause, not being able to take their Meds Right.  Moreover MED-Q electronic pillboxes  with alarms will delay the need for assisted living and all the costs associated with it. By and large, Alzheimer’s suffers will benefit from a smart pill organizer their pills.    Consequently, the problem will get worse as your loved ones age and eventually home or assisted living help will be needed.


2015 Average Monthly Cost of Assisted Living






$1,930 $3,075 $6,524


$1,800 $5,703 $8,250
Arizona $1,400 $3,418



$1,100 $3,063 $5,900
 California $1,698 $3,750



$2,050 $3,750 $8,850


$2,551 $5,575 $10,800
  Delaware $5,061 $5,745


Florida $1,000 $3,150



$1,619 $2,880 $6,840
Hawaii $1,384 $4,000



$1,800 $3,240 $5,450
Illinois $1,278 $4,050



$1,600 $3,693 $7,860
Iowa $1,534 $3,500



$2,300 $4,188 $7,500
Kentucky $2,181 $3,350



$1,600 $3010 $4,722
 Maine $1,935 $4,800



$1,750 $3,900 $8,950
Massachusetts $1,988 $5,300



$1,800 $3,250 $8,465
Minnesota $1,876 $3,468



$1,525 $3,150 $6,600
 Missouri $1,700 $2,525



$1,000 $3,560



$1,985 $3,628 $6,225
 Nevada $1,500 $3,238


 New Hampshire

$2,750 $5,103


 New Jersey

$3,280 $5,725 $11,250
 New Mexico $2,000 $3,500


 New York

$3,100 $4,100 $11,100
  North Carolina $1,735 $3,000


 North Dakota

$1,959 $3,239 $5,250
 Ohio $1,877 $3,890



$1,950 $3,345 $6,340
Oregon $2,000 $3,880






Rhode Island

$3,370 $5,325 $8,500

South Carolina

$1,341 $3,125


 South Dakota $1,900 $3,023



$1,600 $3,395 $7,128


$1,900 $3,545


Utah $2,000 $3,000














West Virginia





$1,740 $3,980


Wyoming $2,250 $3,900


  Smart Pill Boxes impact on Finances

Smart Pill Boxes
MED-Q Smart Pill Boxes

In the final analysis, MED-Q Smart Pill Box has an impact on the Finances of your loved one.  Likewise, the benefits will help every one who is involved.  With the costs of Health Care skyrocketing, the need for a smart Pill Holder is obvious.   To Sum up, an “Old FashionPill Organizer will not do the Job.  As shown above, the Smart Pill Organizer with alarms will help avoid the costs associated with medication errors. 


Smart Pill Box saves thousands of dollars.

In any event the costs of a daily caregiver will be eliminated.  By the same token, costs of moving into assisted living will be gone.  In Addition, Med-Q Pill Holder offers Loved Ones the quality of Life they deserve. Eventually, decisions for our loved ones will have to be made when living at home alone is no longer possible.  In the same fashion, seniotrs need more than a medication box.  More Daily care is needed.   But what about the costs?  How much do the options really cost?

Med-Q smart pill organizer

 This Smart Pillbox will pay for itself in  less than one day.

 In summary, three options for seniors and their families to consider are: in-home care agencies, nursing homes, and assisted living communities.  Subsequently, there are “Pros and Cons” of each.  They can be used as the senior ages.  In fact, what is good now, may not be good later.  Of course a Smart Pill Organizer can delay the future costs.MED-Q Smart Medication Timer

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Med-Q Smart Pill Organizer PillBox with alarms is also  available for Assisted Living Sales.

electronic pill box with alarms
electronic pill box with alarms


programmable pill alalrm
bestprogrammable pill dispenser alarm timer
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