Pill Box with Alarms for alzheimer's

MED-Q Smart Pill Organizer for dad forgetting medication

MED-Q Smart Pill Organizer for Dad forgetting Medication

Amazing Med-Q Smart Smart Pill Organizer with alarms

Cutting Edge Med-Q is a cutting edge Smart Pill Organizer for Dad forgetting medication.

Smart Pill Organizer for dad forgetting medication

 The brilliant designed PillBox with alarms will help make sure your Dad is taking his pills and supplements. With seniors taking an  average of 5 prescription medications per day, an accident is bound to happen.   A Smart PillBox is as just as important as the prescription pills that your Dad is taking.

Med-Q Smart PillBox with alarms has a “one of a Kind” LED DAY-BOX technology.

dad forgetting medication
dad forgetting medication

 Not at all like your Grandpa’s DUMB pillbox.  The Smart pill organizer has become much more than a simple pill holder.  New technology has made Smart Pill boxes a great new tool to prevent problems before they happen.

Dad forgetting Medication is a worldwide problem

The World Heath Organization  says 90% of Seniors make medication errors.  The biggest error, simply forgetting.  A Smart pill organizer with alarms will help with the 90%.  Smart Pill dispensers are available on line.  Check out Amazon “Smart Pill Organizer for Dad. Med-Q Pill organizer for dad’s pills for choices.  MED-Q Pill box uses a triple alarm to make forgetting medication a thing of he past

smart pill organizer with alarms
Brilliant MED-Q smart pill organizer with alarms

Modern Med-Q is the Smart Pill Organizer with alarms

First, MED-Q Automatic Pill Dispenser to your Dad’s rescue.  Second, place your pills in the spacious, individual, easy to open/close daily Pillboxes.Third,  Set you Personal times, “once or twice a day” . Fourth,  Our Smart Pill Box with alarms will use LED-LITE-BOX technology to make this Pill clock the solution to forgetting.

Correct dosing Pillbox

Old Fashion Plastic Pillboxes Are nothing more than a pill organizer.  They will not prevent forgetting prevent mis-dosing  Taking Your pills from bottles and putting the in pillbox, you will still missed-dose.  The results of med errors could be fatal.  Taking your daily pills with Smart Pill Box with alarms, means that after the pills are taken there is no chance to make the mistake and overdosing.  One thousand overdosing errors that require hospital visits occur every day.  Your MED-Q Smart Smart Pill Box with alarms will reduce this number.

smart pill organizer with alarms
best automatic pill dispenser



Smart pill organizer with alarms means  Finishing your treatment cycle

Seniors stop taking their medication when they feel better.  For the best outcomes, medicine  prescription need to be completed.  Not finishing the entire bottle can lead to relapse and future bouts that are even worse according to NEDICINENET .  Smart Pill dispensers are great for Alzheimer’s suffers.  View the MED-Q pill dispenser on YOU TUBE for additional information on the best Smart Pill Organizer Reminder on Google+ Facebook  YouTube.  Dad forgetting medication needs a Smart Pill Box.

Smart Pill Organizer for dad forgetting medication
pill box for alzheimer’s

Your Dad Forgetting Medication

smart pill organizer with alarms
smart pill organizer with alarms

Dad Forgetting medication or Mom forgetting pills will get worse as they get older.  Your Dad will be suffering Age Induced Medication Mistakes.  AIMM’s is a natural part of the aging process.  Your Dad’s memory is not what it used to be. Forgetting to take medication or double and triple dosing is no small problem.  

The number of premature death in the US in 2013 form Medication Mistakes is in excess of 350,00.  Add to that, 25% of assisted living admits are premature.  Hospitals say “1 out of 10” hospital visits is from medication mistakes.   Take control with a Smart Pill Box with alarms.

Med-Q Smart Pill reminder is a real problem solver

The Nurse inspired design brings pill taking into the modern age with this new LED LITE-Box Technology with it’s Triple alarms.  Your Dad spends thousand of dollars on medication but doesn’t have a medication timer that will remind him to take them they are worthless.  

As C.Evert Coop (US Surgeon General) says, “Medication doesn’t work if you don’t take it.

MedQ Smart Pill Box to Dad’s Rescue

Men’s Health can be better controlled  2 risks.   Simple things like a medication box or a smart pill dispenser can make the job easy.  These Men’s Health pointers can help ensure a better Quality Of Life.  Men’s Health Biggest threat.  American Heart Association  says men will have heart disease earlier than women.  This  is why more men  die from Heart Disease. Men have a higher risk for heart attacks and Strokes.  The risk goes up if there is a family history of Heart Disease.According the CDC.  MEN’s Health is  effected by high blood pressure, high cholesterol and smoking.  Add diabetes, obesity, a poor diet, not exercising and you have a recipe for disaster.

Managing Senior’s High Blood

high blood pressureBlood pressure and Cholesterol can be managed with different pills.  These need to be taken at the same time every day for maximum benefits.  The meds need your help.  They need you to exercise and have a healthy diet. Having a proactive plan  will lower your risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Different types of Cancer

First of all, Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in men in the US.   Second opf all, Men are also effected by other cancers.  Third of all, More men will die from prostate cancer  and colorectal cancer than women.  Finally, the risk increases with age and family history .  Regular screenings are important in the prevention of both.    However, a routine colonoscopy every 10 years after the age of 50 is advised.  Moreover, the cure rate for colon cancer is very high.  This is the case if it is detected early on.  To conclude,  success rate drops as the time period of detection grows.

By the same token, Men’s Health is a complicated issue.  For example, Some simple things like a Pill Dispenser can prevent dad forgetting medication issues.  To illustrate,  difficult things like diet and exercise, you can have a long happy, healthy life.

Dad forgetting medication solved with the Med-Q Pillbox with alarms

Likewise, Dad forgetting medication leads to assisted living or the ER.   Give the gift of Quality of Life for your Dad’s golden Years.  To sum up, Med-Q Smart Pill Organizer is the solution to “Dad forgetting Medication“.smart pill organizer with alarms



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