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MED-Q offers Smart pill dispensers with alarm and lock

Kinds of pill dispensers with alarm and lock to choose from


Seniors and the elderly may have many health issues.

smart pill dispensers with alarm
smart pill dispensers with alarm

First of all, to manage these issues most seniors need to take certain prescription medications.  Second, add in vitamins and supplements.  third, these need to be taken every day at the right time and the right dose.  Finally, using pill dispensers with alarm and lock will help ensure the pills are taken properly.

The Best Pill Dispensers with alarm and Lock to stay healthy and enjoy good quality life at old age.

MED-Q smart pill dispensers with alarm
smart pill dispensers with alarm

The shocking truth, up to 90% of all Seniors make mistakes with their medication.  This was reported by the World Health Organization.  (WHO)The two most common, forgetting and miss dosing.  By the same token, the challenge was to make the daily taking of  medications easier.  For example, elderly are constantly not sure whether they have taken them.  Furthermore,  if they have forgotten.   Hence, a big problem  among senior men and women.   To sum up, as they get older they tend to get confused as well as forget meds.   In conclusion, the condition is called Age Induced Medication Mistakes (AIMM’s).  Again, the consequences of mistakes can be fatal.

Two of the Best Pill dispensers with Alarm and Lock

Med-Q Pill Reminder with alarm.  The Med-Q Pill reminder with alarms does not lock.  This smart pill reminder is not recommended for those who are working with an addiction problem.  This being said , Med-Q Pill dispensers works for most seniors.

‘The need for the pill dispensers with timer and lock has been traded to “Just take the flashing Box.  If the user understands to let the Smart Pill dispensers do the work for them, problem solved

smart pill dispensers with alarm lock
smart pill dispensers with alarm

Loved ones no longer have to guess what day it is or if the have already taken their life saving [ills.  The smart pill reminder will show the user which pills to take and at what time.

Watt happens if the miss their Pill time?

Med-Q smart pill reminder

Finally, no more worries.  First of all, the smart Medication dispenser will repeat it’s 5 minute alarm cycle every 25 minutes until the user has taken their pills.  This means that loved ones will take their pills at the right times.  Wheras, the Med-Q Medication reminder’s design team had the goal, “If we need to lock the Pull Box, it is too complicated for Seniors to use effectively'”. Thus,  Med-Q user’s compliance rates proves the success of a smart pill reminder with alarms

Automatic Locked Pill Dispenser

pill dispenser with alarm and lock
MED-Q pill dispenser with alarm and lock

Another one of our top pick is the e-pill automatic pill dispenser.   This automatic med dispenser will help seniors comply with their medications regiments.  For this purpose,  locked Pill dispensers has 28-compartment trays that hold 28 doses .  It can be set for 1 time per for 28 days, twice a day for 14 days, or 3 a day for nine days and so on and so on.  Frequently, caregivers can load up to one-month supply  (28 Days) of prescription and supplements.

The pillbox comes with an alarm that will sound at specified times.

This alarm goes for 1 1/2 hour and then assumes the dose was missed.   If the pills are skipped, it is pulled back into the compartment.  This will show what doses were missed when next you open up the pillbox.

smart pill dispenser testimonials
MED-Q smart pill dispenser testimonials

The alarm is very audible, so even hearing impaired seniors can hear it clearly. And the lock mechanism is strong enough to discourage tampering or overdosing. The pillbox must be plugged into the wall.  Ii has backup batteries.  Good for a power outage. When the ,medication reminder running on batteries alone, they last up to a month.  Reported by senior users  who have bought and are using the pillbox.

The Medication Dispenser has a simple LCD display.

Although this looks a bit outdated, it’s better for seniors because it’s much easier on the eyes. The medication reminder is not hard  to set-up.  A more costly pillbox has a  compliance monitoring feature.  This will  call or text message the caregivers each time medications are missed.    The Medication reminder has one big drawback.  It is heavy for seniors.  . Since the Elderly needs to hold it and then turn it upside down to get the pills to pou out.   Seniors might find it hard to use properly.

Med-Q  pill dispenser with alarm and lock is the first line of defense for good health and well being.  Simply Put, Med-Q pill dispenser with alarm and lock Remembers so you don’t have topill dispenser with alarm

Med-Q smart pill dispensers with alarm and lock

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