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smart pill dispenser

Smart Pill Dispenser for Mom

Smart Pill Dispenser to the Rescue

smart pill dispenser

Smart Pill Dispenser solution

Do you need a New type of Smart Pill Dispenser  Is your current pill box the old fashion medication box or is it a new smart pill box with alarms.  The answer can mean the difference between life and death.  You can have control over mom forgetting pills or dad forgetting medication

Med-Q Smart Pill Dispenser is like nothing else

 This  smart pill dispenser  has triple alarms.  Alarm 1 is a Bright Flashing light in the individual compartment holding that dose’s pills.  Alarm 2 is medication alarm clock that will sound a loud alarm.  The pillbox alarm gets louder and louder for five minutes.  The pill organizer alarm, will then shut off and repeat every thirty minutes.  The medication timer  will continue the cycle until the meds are taken and the next alert has been pill box

MedQ’s Life Saving Features gives Quality of Life and Independence

Pill  Reminder services

If you don’t want to use a smart pill dispenser, there are other alternatives.  Another answer to stop mom forgetting pills is to use a medication reminding service. These are services that will actually  call  email or text your Mom reminders. Some even offer extra medication reminder services like doctor and dentist appointments. 

Companies like MY SCHEDULE  offer services which provides free medication reminders via text message or email. Their website can also help you make easy-to-read medication schedules to add to your smart pill box.  If your mom uses a smartphone or tablet, there are free medication reminding apps that can help like MedSafe .

MedQ Smart Pill Dispenser replaces the  Stress, Worry & Wondering about Mom Forgetting pills with the Peace of Mind that you are doing the best for Loved Ones