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Smart Pill Dispenser for Alzheimer’s

Smart Pill Dispenser for Alzheimer’s

Can a Smart Pill Dispenser help with Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease that has no current cure.  Medication errors will be come more common as the disease progresses.   A Smart pill dispenser is what the Alzheimer’s Associations recommend as your first decision in  medication management.  The Number 1 issue, Forgetting New Information .  Forgetting is the most common symptom. If your loved ones are forgetting information just learned? Do they lose track of dates, names, and events?slider5a43e533d69c9]

 Do they forget big things even happened?  

Do they repeat the same things over and over.  You have to ask them for the same information over and over?   Do you rely heavily on memory aids like Post-it notes or reminders on your smart pill dispenser?

 2.Normal Daily tasks have become hard

Even the most common activities can become difficult. Do you have trouble driving to a place you have been many times before?  Are normal tasks getting harder and harder?   Do you forget the rules of your favorite game?MED-Q Smart Pill Dispenser

3. Major issues with  getting harder and harder 

Do you have trouble making plans and sticking to them? Is it tricky to follow a recipe, even one you’ve used many times? Is it hard to concentrate on detailed tasks, especially if they involve numbers? For example, can you keep track of your bills and balance your checkbook?

4. Forgetting medication or Mis-Dosing

Alzheimer’s suffers need help with medication  A smart pill dispenser or some type of smart pill dispenser is crucial.  The Alzheimer’s paradox, forgetting to take medication which makes all the other problems worse.   Mom forgetting pills or Dad forgetting medication can be solved with a smart pill reminder in Alzheimer’s early and middle stages.pill reminder


5. Blurred Vision or Spacial conception

It will become harder for mom and dad to see and read.  They will start having trouble judging distance.  Sometimes they will not be able to tell colors apart.

6.Forgetting words and difficulty in having conversations 

Speaking becomes more and more difficult. The sufferer will have to search their memories for even the most simple words.   Conversations can be a struggle.  They may not be able to follow along.  It is not uncommon for them to stop in the middle of a discussion because they don’t know what to say?  They will keep repeating themselves.   They will start calling things by the wrong names.

 Needless to say, this is frustrating for the suffer and the people they are trying to communicate with.  New medication has been shown to have positive effects in slowing the process of deterioration.  A smart pill dispenser for Alzheimer’s or a  medication box or Medication timer is need to ensure the meds are taken properly.Automatic pill dispenser with alarms

Alzheimer’s and dementia can rob your loved ones of live in their Golden Years.

 Modern technology has created tools to help in the Alzheimer’s journey.  Any  form a smart pill dispenser to home health care should be tailor fitted to your loved one.

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MED-Q Smart Pill Dispenser with alalrms

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