Med-Q Medication Clock Timer Prevents a trip to the ER

MED-Q Smart Pill Dispenser with alarms Prevents Problems

Why a smart Pill Dispenser with alarms?

Worried loved ones are forgetting their medication? 

With a Smart pill dispenser with alarms , the worry is gone.  A Smart Pill Dispenser doesn’t just hold medication, they save millions of lives everyday.  Relying on life-saving medication, you cannot afford to take any chances with  forgetting pills.   An Electronic Pill Box leaves nothing to chance, because unlike old fashioned pill dispenser. 

A modern programmable pill dispenser box tells loved ones that it is time to take their meds.

This means that unlike other pill boxes, the smart pill dispenser helps ensure medication is taken when it needs to be.  Many will not stop reminding  loved ones until they take it.  Remember, taking medication at the right times is matter of life or death. Even though your not be able to be with loved ones everyday to make sure they take their medications on time. However the smart pill dispenser with alarms will be–and it will do the job Grandma’s old fashion pill boxes can’t. To sum up, Prescription Drug Adherence Q & A’s.

Do most people take their pills as prescribed?

pill box testimonials
MERD-Q pill box testimonials

Is forgetting or overdosing a big problem.  The Wall Street Journal has dubbed medication errors as “America’s other Drug Problem”.  Why do men and women simply refuse to take medications?.  In fact  up to 75 Percent of men and women don’t take their prescription medication and supplements as directed by a health care professionals.  As a matter of fact, well over n 22% of prescriptions are never filled.  This is the case even when the pills are at no cost to the user.
The shocking fact, these meds are truly life-saving.

Finally, 25% of initial insulin  prescriptions for diabetics as well as 18% for orally taken medications are never filled at the pharmacy.   Not using these prescriptions can lead to uncontrolled blood sugar levels that lead to heart, kidney, nerve, vascular, and eye damage. Thirty percent of blood pressure prescriptions also go unfilled, and more than 50% of people who do fill hypertension prescriptions stop taking the meds.

Sponsered by Med-Q Pill Box With Alarmssmart Pill Dispenser with alarms


Do People admit forgetting to take their meds as directed?

75% of grown adults admit that they don’t take their pills as directed.  Bad or inadequate adherence takes place with well over 80% of adults  The most common mistake, simply forgetting to take their pills.  In fact, over 35% percent of people taking pills stop taking their medicine before it runs out.  Shockingly, another 1/3 of patients report never even bring the script to a pharmacy to be filled.

Moreover people who have fill their prescriptions, 70-80 % don’t take the pills as directed.


pharmacistChronic disease affects 50% of all Americans.  Treating these illnesses costs 75% of the monies spent on medical care in The Unites States.   The treatment usually is taking medication  over long periods of time.  The goal is to slow the disease’s progression and improve quality of life.

 A side benefit is being able to prevent costly complications. Studies have verified , chronically ill patients fill their prescriptions, only about half the time.

Healthcare Professionals have no way of telling which of the patients willy be non-compliant. As former CBO Director Peter Orszag recently was quoted as saying, “Doctors are no more accurate than relying on a coin flip in determining who will adhere to treatment and who won’t .”

smart Pill Dispenser with alarmsDo mistakes lead to future health issues?

Over 10% of all hospital admissions are caused by making mistakes with prescribed medications.  As a consequence, Americans spent 140 billion on prescription drugs.   Meanwhile,  Americans spent 200 hundred billion dollars on correcting mistakes.

Age Induced Medication Mistakes

Can mistakes make me age quicker?  The simple answer, Yes.  If you are taking pills correctly as well as mixing drugs it can have negative side effects.  In addition people who take their pills after their prescribed time as well as taking them erratically can cause premature aging.

The Data has shown that men and women that are  taking too many  pills  have a Real Age (physiological age) as much as 4.5 years older.In the event that taking more pills makes your Real Age older, certainly does not give you the incentive to stop taking any medication. It’s important to take the medicines you need, and to take them as instructed. 

Tools for taking one’s medication right

Medicines can save your Life.  They can cure sickness as well as give Quality of Life and Independence.  They make one feel better. However, in the event that you  take them wrong, they will surely be harmful.  Medication pointers:

smart Pill Dispenser with alarms
MED-Q smart Pill Dispenser with alarms

Tell your healthcare Professional about every pill and supplement you are taking

The 9 Questions you need to Know the Answers to.

Never, ever stop taking  your pills without an “OK” form your healthcare professional. Many individuals will  stop taking their pills because they feel better.  Because the feel better, they think they don’t need them anymore.

Many other stop taking pills because of the cost.

Senors can’t pay for refills. But stopping is very risky. Some medicines are vital for your health. Others must be stopped gradually to avoid problems. Be sure to always ask a doctor before you stop.   Refill your prescriptions early. The goal should be to get your refill 10 days before you need it. This way one will not run out of life-saving pills.

Use a smart Pill Dispenser with alarms

smart Pill Dispenser with alarms
pill box for alzheimer’s

Modern technology has brought a host of new Smart pill Dispensers for home use.  These are not your Grandma;s Old fashion Pill box.  The modern devices will use flashing guides and beeping alarms to remind the user to take their pills.  This smart pill dispenser technology solves many of the problems.  The smart pill boxes range in price for 5o0 dollars to as high as %1,000 dollars.  A Smart Pill dispenser is a great and inexpensive way of solving the non-compliance issue.

Set an alarm to alert you when it’s time to take your medicine. Or, take your medicine when you do other everyday things, like brush your teeth or eat breakfast.

Keep a list of all your medicines next to Smart Pill Dispenser

 Keep it with you at home and wherever you go. A chart can help you keep track of:

smart Pill Dispenser with alarms

Med-Q smart Pill Dispenser with alarms is the first line of defense for good health , Well being and Independence for Loved Ones.

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