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Seniors need a smart pill box with lock for Independence

Seniors need a smart pill box with lock for Independence

Smart pill box with lock
Smart pill box

Seniors fear can be prevented with a smart pill box with lock

Seniors gets fears as the get older.  For example, losing their Independence.  Another example, not being able to manage their medications without a smart pill box with locks.    To better understand the aging mentality,  get a grasp on the things that worry them.  A recent study conducted by MED-Q Smart Pill Box identified some of the top  seniors fears.

Medication errors like forgetting and overdosing

  • Senior are at a point in time where there is a medication schedule to worry about. First of all, 90% of seniors make regular prescription medication errors.  Second of all, med errors are the third leading cause of death.  Third, a full 10% of all hospital visits come from medication errors.  This being said, Seniors fear can be prevented with a pill box with lock.  The is a new pill box with lock that has flashing guides and beeping reminders.  This should be the first line of defense for proper medication.  Whether you use a new smart pill box or a pill box with lock, get one that works the best for you.  A simple fix for one of the biggest senior fears.

The Loss of personal independence

  • smart pill boxAgain, one of senior's biggest fears.  Men and women try to be independent .  We try to care for ourselves. Giving  responsibility of care over to others is not easy task,  In fact, it is very frightening. Think back, you couldn't wait to turn 21 because you'd  be legal to have a drink.  This kind of  independence is something wired into our genes.  As I told yo before, it's the center of living life on in our own way. As people get older, they start seeing independence slowing slipping away.  In addition, they may experience a decline in cognitive skills. Seniors suffer from AIMM's (Age Induced Medication Mistakes)For example, the  physical health will begin to deteriorate. It's vital seniors keep as much control over their lives as is physical and mentally possible.

Death of a spouse or other family member

  • The older we get, the more  friends and relatives will have died.  Hence, a reminder of their own mortality.  However,  there is a genuine loss of relationship. It’s way more difficult to start a relationships when you are older.  Furthermore, many seniors worry more about losing a spouse more than they do their own death.  Hence,  fearing the loss of a caregiver is very scary as well as stressful.

Poor Health

  • pill box with lock
    MED-Q pill box with alarm

    As one ages, their physical condition deteriorating. The same thing happens with cognitive skills.  In fact, many will begin to wonder how much longer they’ll be able to care of themselves.For example, not being able to do the things they had enjoyed. Declining physical health will lead to loss of independence  Again, not an easy subject to discuss. Elderly men and Women may reach a point where they need a daily caregiver.  For example, for personal care or house hold chores.  To illustrate, they are not able to safely maintain their home.  Be prepared for an argument,  because elderly will fear the lose their independence as well as th home.

Running out of money

  • Many seniors fear running out of money. Even those who have spent a life time saving money.  However, people will often stress and worry that they won’t have enough money.. They stress over what will happen to them if they run out of funds.  For example,  the burden it could put on their family as well as loved ones. This being said, It's  hard for seniors to talk about their fiances.   Make certain the basic expenses are covered.  Meanwhile,  talk about the long-term financial goals and plans.

    Med-Q Smart Pill Box with alarms

Inability to manage their own activities of daily living

  • Furthermore,  loss of independence most acutely in the inability to do normal tasks of day to day life. For example,  eating, dressing, and  taking medication. Seniors fear  requiring help in these areas.  Hence,  an unwelcome reminder of their mortality. Elderly need activities.  Do as much as possible even if it takes much more time. Mental and physical activity are important.  These task have been shown to lessen dependence.
Prescription Medication errors
Prescription Medication errors

Not being able to live at home

Elderly Men and Women fell that home is much more than the a house.   It’s a place filed with memories. It’s familiar as well as safe.  Hence,  a huge part of their actual, personal identity. Like most fears, discussing the topic will help alleviate the stress and worry. Discuss the  need  for a smart pill box with lock for Independence.  This is the type of  help that will keep options open.   Help them research all of the different options.  To sum up,  explore the cost of care, home aids as well as  define housing options.  These proactive approche will reduce seniors fears.

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