electronic pill box with timer alarm

MED-Q Smart Pill box with alarms keeps MOM at home and Independent

Smart Pill box with alarms kept Mom out of Assisted Living

Another success story for the Med-Q  pill box with alarms.  Connie S. Des Monies) This is a true story of how a pill box with alarms keep mom out of a facility and at home. We were researching the best place to put her in. My sister, who is a nurse , recommended the MED-Q  pill box with alarms. Mom is still at home doing just fine! The medication reminder has been a real miracle.  Mom is loving it.

Pill box with alarms keeps MOM at home and Independent

Sponsored by Med-Q Medication Reminder

Smart Pill box with alarms
Med-Q Pill box with alarms to the Rescue

The Med-Q Smart Pill box has a triple alarm system so Kathy would not forget her medication. Over 90% of seniors need a medication reminder . The MED-Q Medication reminder uses LED LITE-BOX technology to prevent dosing errors as well. The first alarm is a beeping audio alert. The alarm starts soft and will increase in volume for five minutes. That is so the audio alert can be heard through out the entire house. The LED LITE-BOX visual alert will light up ONLY the daily compartment holding their pills that need to be taken right now. The combination of the Pill Reminder functions means no more mistakes.Pill box with alarms

Med-Q pill reminder is a medication timer and pill box with alarm. If you ever worry about about mom forgetting pills or stress over dad forgetting medication or even Alzheimer’s forgetting medication.

Another success story for the Med-Q medication reminder.

Smart Pill box with alarms
Smart Pill box with alarms

Connie was checking on her 76 year old Mom.  Kathy, twice a day to make sure she was taking her pills. Sometimes she would call and other times would stop by. She would load Kathy’s pill box every Sunday for help weekly pills. She tried a 7 day pillbox but her Mom was taking pills twice a day and would mix them up. She then tried a 14 day Non Smart Pillbox with the morning pill on one side and her evening pills on the other side of the Non Smart Pill box with alarm. She was still missing her pills about 1/3 of the time.pill dispenser

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