MED-Q Smart Pill Box with alarms pr?events Overdoses

Smart Pill Box with alarms pr?events Overdoses

Why is a Smart Pill Box so important?

Smart Pill Box with alarms
MED-Q Smart Pill Box with alarms

Caregivers worry about loved ones accidentally overdosing on prescription medication. This is an issue we hear about all the time. The consequences are truly shocking, which is why a smart Pill Box is so important. Minor medication errors can be dangerous, debilitating and sometimes, even fatal.

Why A Smart PillBox with alarms

Senior women take over 60 % of all prescribed medication.  Health Care research data shows that the number of prescriptions written for older adults averages 15 per person.  83% of seniors over 65 are taking prescription medications.

Smart Pill Box with alarmsWith 15 medications to take on a regular basis, accidental overdose is a problem for everyone. A report from IMS, Institute for Healthcare Informatics found total spending on medications was $325.8 Billion in 2012 The average spending per person on medicines was $898.  he best Alzheimer’s pill reminder with alarms is available with Lite-Box technology.

When discussing these concerns with your loved ones, remember that your most seffective weapon against accidental overdose are not just respect and understanding.

smart pill box
Smart Pill Box with alarms

A new type of Programmable Pill reminder can be a vital aid in medication management.

A Pill Box with alarms works best when you work as a team. To see other alternatives Amazon or visit Med-Q Pillbox with alarms.  A Smart Pill Reminder with alarms is the first line of defense for good health and well being. Forgetting and over dosing can be solved with the proper smart pillbox.

Pill Box with alarmsTry Med-Q Pill box with alarms for thirty days risk free and see for your self.  If The Smart pill box with alarms doesn’t solve the problem, we will be very surprised.  You can become Med-Q’s next success story and have the Quality of life that comes with med-q.

Med-Q smart Pill Box with Alarms for Mom

Finally, where can such a small cost have such a big impact.  Try a MED-Q Smart pill box in your own home risk free for 45 days. In the event If it dosn’t solve the problem return it for a full refund .  To sum up, med-q remembers so you do not have pill reminder

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