MED-Q Programmable PillBox Alarms

MED-Q Smart Pill Box with Alarms

MED-Q Smart Pill box with Alarms

Mom Need a Smart Pill Box with Alarms?

Pill Box with AlarmsOn the off chance that your Mom Forgetting pills has turned into an issue, the time is ideal for the MED-Q Smart Pill box with Alarms. Old Fashion Pill Boxes don’t work. Current innovation has made overlooking meds a fixable issue.  MED-Q Smart Pill box  with alarms has been intended to keep your friends and family at home by keeping Mom on her pharmaceutical calendars.

The Pill Clock utilizes triple alerts. The main Medication box caution is the blaring alarms.. The Second reminder is a visual glimmering in the individual pill box that should be taken.  Med-Q Auto Pill dispenser is great for deaf people.

smart pill reminder with alarms

No Medication or Pill choice, implies, No Mistakes

As Mom get older she will take more and more pharmaceuticals.

Smart Pill Box This corresponded with memory misfortune. The medical term, Age Induced Medication Mistakes (AIMM's) This is a risky blend. By what method can Mom overlooking pills  be solved? You can use Home Healthcare or a shrewd pill container that will counteract mother overlooking pills.

We as a whole, realize that in Today's bustling world,  mother overlooking pills is turning into a greater and more concerning issue. Assembled every one of these variables, and you have a formula for calamity.   In Mom's golden years the exact opposite thing she needs to stress over is taking her meds. Med-Q auto pill dispenser helps with Alzheimer's.

Smart Pill Box with Alarms
MED-Q Smart Pill Box with Alarms

Mother overlooking pills is going on all the time.

Her health will deteriorates. She split her hip bone is in a wheelchair. It is also hard for my Step-Dad to get her around. So things are far more detestable at this point. He attempted to help with Mom with her overlooking pills, yet now we have the issue of Dad overlooking Medication as well. Is there some kind of savvy pill box with alarms? We require help!! We would prefer not to move them into helped living however it appears like we need to.

Mother overlooking pills can be explained with your MED-Q Smart Pill Box with pill box


Med-Q smart Pill Box with Alarms Success Story

Sandra in Memphis Tennessean was taking care of her husband.  He was in the later stages of Alzheimer's.  The biggest problem she had was with his pills.  Sandra found that the flashing light actually helped her husband remember that it was pill time.  She has told us that it has been a real blessing.  Read more for additional Med-Q Smart Pill Box with alarms success stories. pill box








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