mom forgetting pills

Smart Pill Box stops Mom forgetting pills

Mom Forgetting pills solved with Smart Pill Box

Mom Forgetting Pills can be solved with a smart pill box.

7 day smart pill box with alarm
7 day smart pill box with alarm

Medication errors is the number 3 cause of death behind Cancer and Heart Disease.  The Med-Q Smart pillbox has been designed to make “mom forgetting Medications and supplements” a thing of the past.  There are many reasons for your mom or dad to forget their medication.  The reason isn’t as important as the possible effects.  Mom forgetting Pills can be deadly.The shocking consequences of medication errors

The shocking consequences of medication errors is one of the biggest, unreported tragedies of the decade. It has been estimated by the CDC, that over 125, 000 people die each year from med mistakes.  This is only is the US.  The need for a smart pill box or some type of smart pill dispenser can solve Mom forgetting pills from happening again.  Visit  Med-Q pill box to see more.

smart pill box
MED-A smart pill box

Mom forgetting Pills Success Story

(June 24, 1026, Duluth MN).  Linda P was having troubles with Mom forgetting pills.  She tried the 7 day pill boxes.  They didn’t work.  Then she tried Posti-notes on the Medicine cabinet.  That didn’t work. Next we tried daily phone calls.  we switched every week between me and my two sisters.  we didn’t make it to week three.  Mom said she was taking her pills when she really wasn’t.

 Mom forgetting pills was driving us all crazy.

Then we found the MedQ Smart pill box

Mom forgetting pills is not a problem anymore.  I go to her house and fill her Smart Pill box an it does the rest.  We have been using it for almost three months now and mom hasn’t’ missed a pill.  The best 60 dollars we ever spent.   If you have the Mom forgetting Pill problem, the smart pill dispenser is your answer.


Med-Q prevents Mom forgetting pills and Dad forgetting medication

Our Aging Senior Population is in need of a a Modern Pill Box for good health and Quality of Life.

Every one needs a new modern pill box for their prescriptions.  The exact opposite is true for those that are Over-Dosing.skip

MedQ Saves more than Lives —CLICK— Cost of a 1 Bedroom Assisted Living Facility monthly cost in your State.

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