Smart Pill Box has A Big Impact on Over-Dosing



Smart Pill Box prevents Overdoses

Smart Pill Box Med-Q Pill Box  has been designed to Prevent Overdosing

Why is a Smart Pill Box so important?  Caregivers stress over their loved ones accidentally overdosing on prescription medication. This is an issue we hear about all the time.   The consequences are truly shocking.  In fact this is why a Pill Box is so important.  Minor medication errors can be dangerous, debilitating and sometimes, even fatal.


With 15 medications to take on a regular basis, accidental overdose is a problem for everyone.

A  report from IMS,  Institute for Healthcare Informatics found total spending on medications was $325.8 Billion in 2012  The average spending per person on medicines was $898.

pill boxFor many of our loved ones, the risks are increased by memory loss caused by Alzheimer’s.  It is vitally important that  caregivers,  pay  close attention to make sure , mom forgetting pills or dad forgetting medication, will not be happening.



A medication management tool such as Med-Q pill Box will remind the user when it’s pill time. You can even ask your pharmacist about blister packing the dosages.  When discussing these concerns with your loved ones, remember that your most effective weapons against accidental overdose are not just respect and understanding.  A  Smart PillBox  will work best when it’s a tool used by your team.  Watch the Video on FACEBOOK.  To see other alternatives Amazon or visit MedQ

A Smart Pill box is the first line of defense for good health and well being.  Forgetting and over dosing can be solved with the proper smart pill box.  Try MedQ Pill box with alarms for thirty days risk free and see for yourself.

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