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smart pill box for the Aging Changes

 Aging Changes on the Way

aging changesThe old saving “Practice make Perfect” is a perfect analogy for our aging seniors.   You are better then you use to be.  Be prepared, Aging Changes are on the way.  Aging has it’s pro’s and cons.  This is called crystalized intelligence, and it keeps getting better, even when you’re 65 or 70.

Aging changes may lead to a Grumpy Old Man

The grumpy old man (or woman) turns out to be an untruth.   Seniors get more agreeable as they age.   They are happier and less likely to be angered. There are  some theories why this is the case  The Aging changes that Seniors control , such as their emotions better and are able to focus more life.

Aging changes require More Compassion

The elderly tune in with other people’s emotions at a higher level.  That insight into how others think and feel may be a genetic survival technique to help you get along better with your family care-giving.

smart pill box
Med-q smart pill box

Changes in Sleeping Habits

In our 60s, our sleeping patterns change.  We go to sleep earlier and get up earlier.  Seniors will wake up during the night,  some times several times.  They do report that they feel as though they have gotten a  good night’s sleep.

Better Sex

Senior have less sex  than when they were younger.  The good thing is that they make it count.   Researchers found that sexual satisfaction improved with age.   AArp survey reports “Women over 80 were more likely than those between 55 and 79 to say they were satisfied during sex

aging changes
Aging problems

Unwanted Hair 🙁

The hair on your head is disappearing.  It seems to be reappearing in he strangest places.  For men this leads to hair in  noses and ears. Women will start getting facial hair. This is all caused by changes in your bodies  hormones as we age.


Age Induced Medication Mistakes

Retirement might not be the best thing for the aging.  It brings on boredom, which may bring on depression.  .The Longevity Project found that people who work hard at a job they enjoy live the longest. That, along with good friends and a good marriage, could be the key to sticking around a while.


Most obvious aging changes are in height, your getting Shorter

The longer you live the more you will see aging changes.   One is shrink.  Gravity shrinks the spaces between the bones in your vertebrae . This makes  you shorter and shorter as you get older.


Fear Is Not Your Friend

smart pill box for the Aging Changes
Med-Q smart pill box for the Aging Changes

Senior biggest fear is not death.  It is loss of independence,  This can happen for a number of reasons.  Maybe your scared of taking a fall.. About a third of adults over 65 have that fear.   The fear of medication mistakes can be easily solved with a smart pill box.


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