Programmable Pill Box Prevents Negative reactions

Smart pill Box for Mom’s Good Health

Smart Pill Box for Mom Forgetting Pills

Med-Q has announced a new Smart Pill box

Smart pill box
America’s Best Smart Pill Box with LITE-BOX Guides and Blasting Alarms

The MED-Q Smart Pill Box has LED LITE-Box Technology and triple alarms.   More than a pill organizer or and old fashioned pill box.  Our Medication timer will ensure your mom forgetting pills or dad forgetting medication will become a thing of the past.


Smart Pill Box Vs Smart Phone Apps

Current Smartphone apps are nothing more than a timer.  You may as well set their alarm clock on the night stand.  The one difference, when it doesn’t work, you will be notified.  Now you will call your loved one to tell them to take their pills.  Anyone who has ever made reminder phone calls knows what to expect

  • White Lies
  • Anger
  • Stop treating me like a child

That is why MedQ created the “Smart Pill Box”

Another MedQ Smart Pill Box Success story

New Orleans LA)  Nicole C.   My mom has dementia symptoms for about five years now, and it seems to be getting worse.  She lives alone, her younger sister lives next door which is helpful.  I try to stop by several times a week to keep house, make sure she has all her meds. I’m not working right now so I am able to do it.  I have my own family to care for. I can’t be with mom all the time. She is having blood pressure problems. Her doctors wants her to take 2 Cardizem in the morning and 2 at night.   She is messing it up all the time. She just cannot remember to take them.  Smart pill Box for Mom's Good Health

Now she doesn’t remember if she’s taking them, so she takes it over and over on the same day. We’ve discussed Assisted Living with her and she gets very upset and teary eyed.   The difficult thing is that she  knows that she can’t take her meds right.

MedQ SMART PILL BOX  Nurse inspired design.

Real life problems with real life solutions.  Our “Smart LED LITE-Box Technology makes overdosing and forgetting virtually impossible.  Med-Q Pill Organize means a better quality of Life and the Independence.

Questions can be answered at MED-Q Smart Pill Box Frequently Asked pill box reminder



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