Smart Pill Box for Mom with Alarms

Smart Pill Box for Mom with Alarms

Smart Pill Box for Mom with Alarms to the rescue

pill organizer with alarmsSmart Pill Box for Mom with Alarms is a Life saver.  

With today's hectic lifestyle a Smart pill box for mom forgetting pills is invaluable.   With work, social activities family obligation and just day to day life,  a Smart pill dispenser is what mom need.  No more mom forgetting pills.  No more Dad forgetting medication   MED-Q is a 21st Century Medication box that reminds and guides.

Pill Clock's Flashing Alarms

Smart Pill Box for Mom with AlarmsThe MED-Q  Pill box with alarm is like nothing else.  The Medication timer uses the exclusive LED LITE-BOX technology.  Our smart Pillbox will light up ONLY the compartment holding the pills that need to betaken at that time.  The box will flash, guiding the Pill box user to the right box.  The user simply take the pills in the flashing box.  No decision, means no mistakes for loved ones.

Smart Pill Box for Grandm with Alarms

MED-Q Smart Pill Dispenser with alarmsMom forgetting pills and Dad forgetting medication is why MED-Q has triple alarms.  The Audio alarm starts out at normal volume and increase over 200%.  This is so Seniors with hearing issues can hear their medication box,  The alarm continues for a full five minutes and then shuts off. The alarm will repeat ever 25 minutes until your loved ones have taken their pills and meds.

If you are helping to take care of a loved one , you just watch the YOU TUBE VIDEO.

See for your self how a smart pill box can eliminate stress, worry and wondering.  A small investment that will have a huge payoff.  MED-Q Smart Pill box for Mom with Alarms is a new Home Medication Box that will solve the forgetting and over dosing problem.  Years of testing has created the #1 electronic pill dispenser with LED LITE-Box technology.  MED-Q  to the Rescue.

pill box
America's Best Pill Reminder with LITE-BOX Technology and Triple Alarms

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