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Smart Pill Box for Alzheimer’s care

Med-Q Smart Pill Box designed for Alzheimer’s


Med-Q Smart Pill Box has been designed for Alzheimer’s

Med-Q Smart Pill BoxSmart Pill Box for Alzheimer’s.  If the person in your care takes medication a weekly pill box will them remember to do so .  With our Smart technology MedQ makes it easier.  If the suffer can be taught, ONLY TAKE THE PILLS IN THE FLASHING BOX, you have solved a major problem.day by day. Try attaching a cue card to the box with simple instructions covering when and how to take each medication (with meals, at night). If he or she has trouble remembering a pill that must be taken at a specific time, set a reminder alarm if you can — or an alarm for yourself so you can call to give a phone reminder.

We are often asked bt family members of Alzheimer’s or Dementia suffers if there is a medication timer that can ensure proper medicating.  It has become more and more obvious that they need a smart pill box with Alarms.  MedQ uses it’s triple alarms and LED LITE_BOX Technology to Remind and Guide the user to the correct medication at the correct time. 

MedQ Smart pill box is America’s #1 Alzheimer’s pill alarm with LED LITE-BOX Technology

Your Smart pill box will help you take control of your loved ones.  In these tough times, a smart Pill box can make the challenge easier.

 A Pill Box is better than Posti-Notes

https://medqpillbox.com/medication-timer/Note-writing may have worked in the past.  However, even in best time, note writing is not the best way to remember to take your medication.  The difference now is that these reminders are more frequent and do not work.  Your loved one will l struggle  to maintain control.  It is a losing battle.  A smart pill box or some type of Alzheimer’s pill alarm is crucial.  This will help them have a measure of self-esteem and confidence, that not forgetting medication will offer.

Planing ahead for Alzheimer’s

1. A Game Plan:  Alzheimer’s disease is progressive.  That means it will get worse.   They will worsen over time.  The American Alzheimer’s Association recommends a medication strategy first.

2. Good Self-Care:   This has to be a priority.   It’seasy to neglect your own needs when you’re juggling caregiving, a job, a marriage, and children.Smart Pillbox for Medication Management

3. The Ability to Ask for Help:  Alzheimer’s care can be all-consuming, and it’s a common to take it all on yourself.   Remember, you don’t have to do it all yourself.

4. Family Cooperation:  If the person with Alzheimer’s is a member of your family, your immediate family needs to all help.   Siblings need to trade off care giving and costs.

5. Realistic Expectations:  Not having a clear picture will cause a lot of future issue and problems.    If you know what to expect, you can plan accordingly.

MedQ Pill Box is available of Institutional sales.  Private branding of the Smart pillbox is available. MedQ Pill box helps give Seniors the Quality of Life they Deserve in their Golden years.electronic pill reminder with timer


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