Med-Q Programmable Medication Box for Mom

MedQ Smart Pill Box Saves Money

MedQ Smart Pill Box saves Money 

MedQ Smart Pill Box

medq smart pill boxWhy do hospitals need a MedQ Smart Pill Box?    Medicare has lowered the amount given back to hospitals with high 30-day readmission rate.  This is the is the patients who return within a month.   The Industry has a  1 percent average.  The maximum penalty-is 3 percent.

Penalties have started

Medicare checked rates at 4% of the hospitals.    It shows 278 hospitals will receive this year’s maximum penalty of 3 percent. 50 hospitals will receive the minimum penalty of 0.01 percent.  The penalties have been created to provide financial incentives for the quality of care hospitals.

Physicians Question Rates

smart pill dispenser with alarmsMany doctors dont think readmission rates are good numbers.  The Doctors feel that  it is not the best measure of outcomes.  Modern Technology will help with mom forgetting pills and Dad forgetting Medication.  No doctor will disagree.  An old fashion Pill box is not going to do the Job.  People need a pill box like the like the MedQ Smart Pill Box will lower readmission.

medq smart pill box
medq smart pill box with alarms

Government statics show 1 in 5 Medicare patients return to the hospital within 30 days.  The cost is over $18 billion per year.  MedQ Smart Pill Box has a big effect. The goal of Medicare and Insurance companies to reduce the readmission and saves money. The facts of the matter are that about 2 million Medicare beneficiaries are being readmitted every year.

MedQ Smart Pill Box saves Hospitals Big Dollars. “Among patients with heart failure, hospitals that have higher readmission rates actually have lower mortality rates,” said Sunil Kripalani, MD, a professor with Vanderbilt University Medical Center who studies hospital readmission. “So, which would we rather have — a hospital readmission or a death?”

World Health Association

The World Health Association says that 90% of seniors make medication mistakes.  The MedQ smart pill box is a great tool to reduce medication mistakes.  There are smart apps and telephone reminder services that also work.medq smart pill box






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