Mom forgetting pills leads to ER wake up call

Mom forgetting pills leads to an ER wake up call

Mom Forgetting Pills leads to the Emergency Room

Is Mom Forgetting pills important? The answer, "Mom's Health is one missed pill away from disaster".  Are you aware that 1 in 10 Hospital Stays are directly related to medication mistakes?  The cost in unnecessary medical procedures in in excess 0f 250 Billion dollars per year.  Med Q smart pill reminder is designed to prevent Mom Forgetting pills and dosing mistakes.

Mom Forgetting Pills will lead to the Hospital

smart pill boxIt's dangerous for Mom's to rely on their memory  for taking their pills.  Many Seniors suffer from AIMM's (Age Induced Memory Mistakes)  The problem gets worse as your Mom ages.  Many will proceed to develop Alzheimer's or Dementia.  Mom forgetting pills will not be solved by trying real hard to remember.  The costs in human suffering, caregiver suffering and financial hardship can not be underestimated.  Mom forgetting to take Pills can be solved with Modern technology.

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MedQ's Life Saving Features gives Quality of Life and Independence


Mom forgetting Pills puts her in the ER.

Why is mom Forgetting pills so Important?  Modern Medicine is much more complicated than in the past.  Medication needs to be taken at the correct times and in the correct amounts to work properly.  mom forgetting pills will throw the entire treatment "out of wack".  A smart Pill Box or some type of smart pill dispenser will lower the chances of errors..    

ll Box replaces the  Stress, Worry & Wondering about Mom Forgetting pills with the Peace of Mind that you are doing the best for Loved Ones

In brief, medication will not work if not taken as directed,.  For example, Mom forgetting pills leads to an ER wake up call.  Hence, the need for a smart 7 day pill organizer with alarms.   In conclusion,  best outcomes will happen, if and only if, pills are  taken as the doctor directed you to.

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