Why do people need a smart pill box with alarm?

The need for a Med-Q SMART PILL BOX with alarm is obvious.  

Med-Q SMART PILL BOX with alarmAccording to the World Health Association (WHO) up to 90% of Seniors make medication mistakes on a regular basis.  The mistakes can be minor and sometimes can be fatal.  The range is huge.  A strategy revolving around a smart pill box with alarms or some type of smart pill reminder can instantly solve the problem.



Things to look for in a Smart PILL BOX with Alarm

Smart pill box for Diabetes Medication

Choosing a smart pill box can and will simplify your life as well as greatly increase the positive out comes that come from taking prescription Medications.  Finding a smart pill box that fits your needs will solve your personal medication Non-Compliance problem. 

As the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends an electronic pill dispenser can ensure that medication is taken properly.  Properly taken medication will raise the likely hood of positive outcomes.Med-Q SMART PILL BOX with alarm



How Big is the Medication Non-Compliance Problem?

Med-Q SMART PILL BOX with alarmMed Mistakes can be caused by many different factors.  This being said, medication errors result in over 125,000 deaths per year and as well as an estimated, 1.3 million annual Hospital Visits yearly in the US Mistakes can happen in any of the Production to administering stages:

  • Prescription process
  • Packaging
  • Dispensing
  • Actually taking them (administer)
  • being monitored.

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Typical problem areas:


Cost of Medication Non-Compliance


The costs of medication Non-Compliance is Huge.  It’s health as well as it’s economic impact are staggering.   The price of medication mistakes, over 250 billion Dollars in 2013.  A example ,  medication errors is 100% correlated to an increase in disease morbidity as well as doctor visits, e visits, assisted living admits and even death. 

Multiple reports have proven worse health outcomes caused by to non-compliance.   This is especially true in Individuals who have certain chronic diseases such as high blood pressure as well as diabetes.

The solution – a smart pill box or some type of electronic pill dispenser.  Ask your local pharmacists for help in picking out the best smart pill box with alarm for your specific needs.

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