March 27, 2016

Med-Q Smart Medication Reminder with Alarms

MED-Q is the Smart Medication Reminder with Alarms

The Amazing Smart Medication Reminder with Alarms.

smart medication reminder with alarms
smart medication reminder with alarms

  We are not talking about the old fashion 7 day pill box.  Were talking about the best Smart Medication Reminder with AlarmsA Pill box or pill organizers are marked with the days of the week to remind you to  take your medicine. But that’s a passive notification. If you forget to take your medicine you might not remember until you see the medication box. MED-Q Smart Pill Box aims to solve the problem  The MED-Q Smart Pill Box is the medication box that reminds you to take your medicine with flashing and beeping reminders.



Forgetting to take your medication as prescribed is termed non-compliance.

  The Wall street Journal has called this “America’s other Drug Problem”.  Forgetting and double dosing leads to 120 Thousand fatalities per year.  The cost to the healthcare system is more than 240 billion every year.  The American Health Care association says 20-25 Percent of nursing home admission is because the senior can not take their prescription medications the right way.   smart medication reminder with alarms

The MED-Q Smart Medication reminder with alarms has been designed to solve this problem.

The MED-Q Smart Pill reminder has a triple alarm system.  The first alarm is a Bright Flashing LED.  This will light up the container holding the pills that need to be taken.  Take the flashing light and no mistakes.  The audio alarm starts out soft and grows louder for five minutes.  The sound of the Med-Q Smart Medication reminder with it’s blasting alarm can be heard throughout the house.

Set Up Video 2 Daily Pill Reminders

Set Up Video 1 Daily Pill Reminder

Med-Q’s combination of alarms means that there is virtually no forgetting and overdosing.

  If you miss your personalized program times, no problem.  The MED-Q Smart Medication smart medication reminderreminder with alarm will repeat it’s alarm cycle every twenty five minutes until you take your pills. MED-Q Medication reminder has been designed to keep seniors at home.  Seniors largest fear is moving for their home into a nursing home.  They fear this 8 times more than death itself. 

 Mom forgetting pills is getting put of control. 

 Mom needs help to take her medications on her own. Have a prompting system. It can be simple a phone call from you, another family member. The plans needs to be set-up properly.  If more that one person sets up the planner. After that everyone needs to agree on what each label means and when it is to be given.  Remember, pills need to be reordered in time to completely set up each planner.

There are various medication reminders to assist in the timing of doses. Some planners are simple 4 weeks of the 7 days with each day divided into 1, 2, 3, or 4 slots. Pills are put into each of the small pillbox compartments.

 Some of the down sides of a DUMB Pillbox are:

To sum up, mom forgetting pills or medications can be solved with the best pill reminder or programmable medication organizer for her particular needs.


The truth about Senior Memory

People need to put aside everything you have been taught to be true  about the human brain as we get older. It has been common knowledge for over 75 years that the aging brain diminished in memory, agility, and functionality.  This decline coincides with an increase in senility. This was the preventable theory with little to no disagreement.

The most rent medial studies have shown that the brain  continues to work actively and effectively.  This beiong said, it is critical that it’s nutrition, challenge. Igt helps to reduce stress as well as engage in daily exercise. “Use it or lose it,” say authors Alan D. Bragdon and David Gamon, Ph.D., in their book.

med-q smart medication reminder
med-q smart medication reminder

People have been told to believe that seniors and the elderly that one’s own brain and memory is a failing process as we get older.

Seniors suffer from AIMM’s (Age Induced Medication Mistakes)

Age Induced Medication Mistakes is part of the aging process.  Mom forgetting pills or Dad forgetting medication is a typical problem among elders.  The importance of making sure pills are taken properly can not be underestimated.  First consider using a smart pill box or smart pill dispenser.


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