MED-Q Smart Medication Dispenser and Pill Organizer

New Smart Medication Dispenser 

Smart Medication Dispenser to Loved Ones Rescue. 

Smart Medication Dispenser and Pill OrganizerAre you forgetting your prescription medications?   Are you having trouble with Medication Non-Compliance?  Med-Q Smart Medication Dispenser to the RescueThis smart medication dispenser will remind you when it’s time to take your pills.  It is can difficult to remember to take your pills.  This applies  whether you’re on Heart Medicine or Flintstones Vitamins.   Med-Q smart medication dispenser is a new technological aid  to keep up with your medication schedule.

Pill Organizer with Alarms Reminds Automatically

Are you forgetting to take your meds?

  No more with the Med-Q Smart Medication Dispenser.  This smart pill box is not your Grandma’s old fashion pill organizer.  The Med-Q Smart Pill Dispenser is much more than a simple pill organizer.  Med-Q lets you schedule your medication schedules.    The Med-Q when it will dole out your pills. The Med-Q Medication Reminder is available today for online pre-ordering for $69.95. (Retail price (99.95 )

The Smart Medication Dispenser reminds Automatically

It’s really simple to use the Med-Q.   Program the prescription dispenser to the times you want to take your prescriptions.  You can choose one or two reminders every day.  At the programmed times, the Med-Q will start flashing and beeping.  The flashing will light up the individual daily box holding just that times pills.  In addition, the audio alarm will keep getting louder and louder until the meds have been taken

Med-Q Smart medication Dispenser Success Story

Med-Q smart medication box with triple alarms has prevented thousand and thousand of medication mistakes.  How important is preventing mistakes?

pill dispenser with alarmsThe Shocking Truth about Medication Non Compliance:

Preventable Medical Errors are the No. 3 killer in the U.S. – third only to heart disease and cancer.  The Effect, 300,000 premature deaths every single year.

Seniors will spend ten’s of thousand of dollars n prescription medications only for them to sit untaken in a pill organizer.  The will load the medication organizer each week only to forget or over dose.  The Med-Q Medication Organizer has triple alarms to virtually eliminate the Miss-Dosing problem.  Bright Flashing LED LITE-BOX will guide the user to the exact dose at the exact time.  With Med-Q medication organizer mistakes are a thing of the past. You put your pills into the Med-Q medication organizer , ant it will do the rest. Set it and Never Forget it.

More health technology

The Smart Medication organizer is a great tool  for family caregivers.  These Care givers are making certain that their Loved One’s are following their medication usage as well as their pill scheduling.  An automatic dispenser makes it easier for someone taking care of  for an older parent.  Modern Technology will give the caregiver and medication taker one less thing to worry about.medq smart medication box

Med-Q Smart Pill Dispenser is a boon for folks who take multiple pills

Seniors have a hard time keeping their pills straight.  The medical term for this problem:

Age Induced Medication Mistakes

This condition (AIMM’s) is a common part of the aging process.  These type of memory losses are not to be confused with Alzheimer’s, Dementia as well as damage caused by a stroke.   As we get older, peoples memories are not as sharp as they use to be.  The irony, when the need their medication the most is when the are forgetting it the most.  With up to a 90% Senior mistake rate, Med-Q smart medication dispenser is a must for Good health and Well Being and to prevent Medication Non-Compliance.

Smart Pill box with alarms


electronic pill box with alarm

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